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Make gratitude a lifestyle

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1 year ago

Greetings It's been a while since we interacted with each other. I was busy exploring some relative things to earn more but during my research for money, I got a lot of other things, and one of the FOREMOST lessons learned is that you won't get more than your luck and nothing before the time.

When it comes to money, it's a necessity but should not be a priority among relations and for the person itself too. It's just a scrap that only brings material things but we can't buy emotions, love, and happiness. Money can give us sources of enjoyment but not inner satisfaction and calmness.

So I learned TO BE THANKFUL in all situations. We shouldn't stuff our minds with the things we have no co control over. Because we aren't wise enough to understand the decisions of Almighty who has created us.

When we can't get things completely we should be accepting them in the way they are coming. And gratitude is the best way to cheer for more blessings.


Trade is a source to earn more then why not trade with the best trader? And that best trader is Allah almighty. To make him happy we should make HIS creation happy. There are a lot of ways we can help His creations and pay Him gratitude for what He has done to us.

Offer prayer and thank Him for everything He bestowed on us.

Help your family and friends they are the utmost obligation to attend.

Help needy and poor.

Provide food to hungry, give clothes to a person who is shivering with cold and dying with the hotness of sun.

Arrange dowry for the daughters who are not getting married because of unavailability of dowry and that stuff.

Be thankful for everything you are getting from the heavens and society.

People need you in their wants and it's a blessing because you are the GIVER, not a SEEKER.

Make gratitude a lifestyle and trust me you will be blessed more.

Thank you for reading.

Your friend.

©Mahnoor Danish.

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Written by   34
1 year ago
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