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A Day With My Boy Friend!!!

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1 year ago

Greetings lovie dovie oh, I remember from the dovie where is my friend ovie Stephen these days? Maybe troops have arrested him in camp for training where mobile networks don't work? Mmmmm, come back soon hehe. 

Well, February is already out and there are a lot of reasons to celebrate this month, not only for boys and girls but my friends born in February, my mother celebrates her day this month and also marriage anniversary for my parents is at the end of February also Abidemi gonna had a marriage ceremony at 31th of February don't forget to attend us Hehehe.

So I have much more reasons to cheers for this month. (Maybe 1up would seize my love for itself this year in February hehe). 

Aham aham!!!! Thank you @Yasir Mehmood for knowing that many of us don't have boyfriends/girlfriends. We direct have husbands and fiance's yet this year gonna be thrilling to have uptrennd as a boyfriend on the 14th of February 😋.

​My dear boy+friend=uptrennd. 

​I am writing this letter saying my plan for a love day I wanna spend with you. Please make sure to attend me on the day of lovers to rejoice in our love. 

​Morning prayer!!! 

My love uptrennd, I wanna pray with you at the earliest sunrise on 14th of Feb. We would pray for better engagements, a rise in prices, not glitch again, a smooth fast app as soon as possible, and much more. 


​We would have a hot spicy breakfast having sugarless tea, chicken spread mayonnaise on brown bread, and a bowl full of yogurt. I would offer my spoon to fill your stomach, I mean I would help you consuming your breakfast hehe. 

​Travel to a historical place!!! 

​I love historical and you love making histories, together we make the best couple. We will drive to some historic places to celebrate our day. Do you remember that new car abba bought for my school? Yippie!!!! 

I shall drive and you accompany me on the front seat.  On our way to destiny, we will have the best ice cream in the town. Your favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry while mine is chocolate? 🤔 how will we manage to get separate flavors? Mmmm I have. a solution 🙈.  I am driving, right? Keep these two ice creams in your two hands, share them with the sequence hehe 

​chocolate you strawberry me strawberry you Chocolate me.

​Got it? 🤫

​Finally, we are reached at desired spot!!! 

See this 100 years old statue it's your old version Hehehe. See how bad it is. Just like you! 

​But forever!!! Dead or alive!!! Lol, stop laughing. 

​Shopping time!!! 


​It's enough now, let's move to shopping malls to have some dresses for mom's birthday and our love anniversary.

I would buy blue ok?

​I know you won't deny, you love blue too see this blue color in your icon, hehe icon? Yes, this cap you are wearing.

​These shoes too? 🥺🥺 Plej 🙈 hehe. 

​Ewwww, see that bag. it so so so so beautiful. Buy it for me Nah. 


​Thank you for the shopping💃. 


​After shopping, I am hungrier for pizza let's eat.

​Eat sleek is the best pizza hut in the town, having Chicken fajita pizza with extra toppings of olives is such a superior feeling, nothing can compete for this. After lunch and tea, we would be moving for a movie, maybe a love story? For the love day. 

Movie time is usually from 6 pm to 9 pm or 9 pm to 12 pm so we would go for 6 pm one hehe. 

​Cake time!!!! 

​Eating, buying, and then eating again isn't a good idea unless we would celebrate it properly. 

​So we would have a yummy cake with candles and UPTRENND TO THE MOON captions.

​The day would end with a red flower from uptrennd I mean my boy+friend for me which I will receive with great pleasure and honor

​Thank you uptrennd for spending the whole day with me. Now it's your rest time. Good night 🌟. 

​See you!!! 

​This post is written for the contest purpose. Read the instructions here.

​©Mahnoor Danish. 

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Written by   34
1 year ago
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