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20 facts about me!!!

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1 year ago
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As a human, I believe in and appreciate the creativity of God. He created all the creatures of this universe and all of them are unique in their way. The same is the case with me. I have something unique in my personality which I think others don't have. It's because our Creator is the greatest and omnipotent.

As per the prompt from the blogging challenge I am supposed to write 20 facts about myself. Check this if you are out of inspirations.

So here we go!!!

I don't lie

It seems a lie itself Hehehe yet it's the very truth of my life. I rarely lie to someone for something. Sometimes lies are better than truth yet my choice remains true in all cases.

I don't love money

Woot!!!! It's weird, right? Yet it's fact. I like money but I don't love it. I like it coming towards me but I don't get discouraged when there is no money in my wallet. I always show myself as a poor person in front of my friends so that they won't ask for a treat hahaha. Yet they never spared me without grabbing all money in my wallet 😋.

I think a lot!!!

Sometimes I feel like I am an over-thinker and over and over again. I think a lot. This thought maybe for relations, family random thoughts, and whatever.

I am an extremist!!!

Here extremist stands for extremity in relations and love. I don't settle for less. My demands remained pure and extreme. If someone is mine he/she is the ONLY mine. I don't share my people.

I eat and cook a lot!!!!

I love foods of all types but PIZZA is a thing I never get tired of eating. I am a foodie I love cooking too.

Intelligent and confident

People say that I am Intelligent and I am confident about it 😉.

I love communicating!!!

I am an extrovert so I don't mind interacting with people. I can easily talk to everyone coming around, I don't hesitate to make new friends, exchanging ideas, and knowing them.

I am not expressive!!!

It seems contrary to the upper fact yet, indeed, I don't express my sorrows. It gives me the feeling of forfeiting. I may rejoice with you but I will never say my pains to you. There are very few people to whom I say everything about me, just like in this era of social media, I am there on telegram, uptrennd, Twitter discord, etc, etc having hundreds of friends but only one of them know me a whole lot.

A true friend!!!

I may play to people who are strangers but once they are my friends I don't dare to harm them either emotionally or financially. I am an extrovert its fact yet it's also true about me that I don't make close friends so easily.

A secret keeper!!!

My mother used to say " once you have revealed your secret to air don't complain when it's revealed to leaves."

I always follow this proverb, I don't share my secrets but when I share I don't request others to keep them as I am disclosing at my will, now it's their will to keep it or to publicize it. Yet I don't share any secret my friend, family, or even a stranger has tossed to me.

A good teacher!!

I wasn't supposed to be a teacher but destiny promised this job for me. Now I am a good teacher in my place. Students love to read with me and I love to teach.

I prefer respect over love

In my native language, there is a poetic line,

ادب پہلا قرینہ ہے

محبت کے قرینوں میں

Which states that "Respect is the first step among all steps of love".

So I always prefer respect, I don't humility others nor I accept humiliation. I respect everyone and anticipate respect.


I love to work with passions as dreams followed by passion never left out of success. If I am not in the mood of doing something I won't accept it, but once it's accepted be sure it will be done by me.

The worst enemy!!!

My friends may find me a truly good friend, strangers may get me as peaceful and cooperative yet I am the worst enemy for those who started it first. ;)

A disciplined person.

I always try doing things at their prescribed Time and kenechukwubu will testify this. I am part of uptrennd university for seven months, I rarely miss a meeting, or delayed my assignment except for the last two (I have reasons for that). It's for an online schedule and the same is the case with real-life too.

I am romantic


This is something very special about me 🙈 I love romance and I have written a lot of stories based on romance. Romance seems fantasy to me. It fascinates me and I prefer love stories over horror yet I love horrors too.

Fair and Beautiful

I am not boosting for myself, my friends family, and everyone else who interacts with my praise for my beauty. We don't post publically yet you can request a picture in private chat hahaha (it's silly don't do that).

Dimple girl!!!

Science call dimples mutation but in my region dimples are another sign of beauty. So I am beautiful having dimples.

Zero dressing sense!!

This is tragic!!!!

I don't bother for dressing a lot I prefer my comfort over the dressing. My friends always tease me for less dressing sense which I successfully ignore 😋.

A mysterious personality!!!

Although you have known 19 facts about me already, however, you will always find something new in me, no one can get complete me. I have got a mysterious personality I am not an open book for all. All of you will get a separate version of mine with some constants.

Strange Nah?

What can I do it's also a fact hehe?

Have fun!!!

Thank you for reading me!

©Mahnoor Danish

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Written by   34
1 year ago
Topics: Fact, Personal, Thoughts
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Interestingly I knew many of them; you are devoted; smart; legend; inspiring; loyal in your relationships; inspiring and sympathetic 🤩 And about a secret keeper! this the best quality of yours; I have seen your sharing of money and thoughts multiple times ; Stay blessed dear.

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1 year ago

I love this 30 days blogging challenge. Have you posted this one on This could be perfect for those who can't figure out what to write.

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1 year ago