[Megapost] This is my League of Legends gallery! (Part 1)

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2 years ago

Hello Ladies and lads of read.cash!

It's has been 3 years since I took drawing seriously and if you ask me it's been a long way, I made a drawing almost daily while reading anatomy, perspective, coloring and other art books to learn new things and improve old ones... I can't choose between traditional art (pencil art) and digital art and that's the reason of why some days I drew with pencil and other I created illustrations with digital art.

Not all of my drawings were about League of Legends video game but there is a big amount of them that actually has to do with it and I ended up thinking that it would be a good idea to create a big post with all my League of Legends drawings. Here we go! (Insert Mario's voice here for a better experience... lol)

Note: Drawings order are from older to recent ones. I wanted to make one post with all my League of Legends drawing but there are too many drawings and I think all of us often don't like to read that much, so I changed my mind and I will show you 5 drawings per post.

1. "Spirit Blossom" Lux: I took a human image and a Lux splash art as references to create this Lux portrait then "turned it into Spirit Blossom". It was more like a meme or me just having fun because I wanted to create something related to Spirit Blossom skin line because the event was online and I liked Spirit Blossom Teemo a lot. I tried to draw him but my drawing skills weren't enough to get something decent, so, I ended up taking a Lux drawing I made before this event and drew a Blue rose on her head and I got an alternative Lux version called "Spirit Blossom Lux"... It's was all about magic and hardwork this time lol. I Still laugh when I see this drawing, it brings me good memories.

2. "True Damage" Heimerdinger: I did create a skin concept art or at least made an attempt to recreate how Heimerdinger would look like if he belonged to True Damage musical group. I made this one after True Damage event came out and I was so happy with the musical video and other promotional content that ended up doing this.

3. 1st time Ezreal-Lux meeting: This was the first time for me drawing profile angle and I got help to fix some errors. I was happy about the result because at the time I though it was impossible for me to draw portrait angles (I did previous attempts but without any significant results). Now I see it and my opinion is similar to: "OMG, this is terrible, what was I thinking?". It's not like I improved a lot and now I'm a master artist that can draw without moving the hands or using my foot, nope, It's just that my eyes now see things that I weren't able to notice before... I think it has to do with a certain event I heared once from a youtuber called "virtual library" or something. He was talking about how we build up a library on our heads just by seeing pictures/images then, without noticing, your eyes get trained and somehow get details and error faster than before. Yeah something like Sasuke's Sharingan or maybe Neji's Byakugan? Lol. I did a sketch on traditional art then tried to improve it with digital art.

4. SKT T1 Ekko: I play with Ekko a lot! It's one of my favorite champions and SKT T1 skin is my favourite skin for him, weird right? why not Project or True Damage or... To be honest, I don't know, I just like this one. It was very hard for me to color his skin because it was my first attempt and the way I learned coloring at the moment was different to the standard/best method that most artist use and I ended up having trouble with shadows and lighting. In my opinion there are 4 kinds of impressions when seeing your own drawings:

4.1) Omg... this is horrible: You felt it when you were on the drawing/coloring process and you tried to changed it... actually you changed many things but... It's still horrible lol. This didn't went as expected.

4.2) Oh I like this one: You like it at the beginning then the time passed you are searching something then encounter an old drawing and say: Wow, why I didn't realize this was ugly? or that it had not this? or it had too much of that?

4.3) Seems cool: You like it at the beginning the the time passed, you learned many things then you encounter the same drawing again and say: This was cool because at the time because I didn't knew this and that, I will redraw it to fix some errors and realize I had improved my drawing skills. You know it's fun to redraw things too!

4.4) This is amazing! it went as I expected: Rarely happens exactly as we expected too but you are 100% satisfied with the result and no matter if in the future you find some errors to this drawing you won't changed it for anything because you like it just the way it is.

Well... My impression with this drawing was pretty much like the one explained at option number 1 maybe I felt this way because it's one of my favourite characters and I wanted a "perfect" result, nothing less.

5 Star Guardian Soraka: This was a colaboration with one of my art professors. He made the lineart and I colored it. Time passes by and I keep saying the same: "this illustration is perfect, I love it!"

What do you think? Do you like it? Did you find any errors on my drawings (there are tons of them lol)? If you did I would appreciate if you leave a comment below that way you are helping me to improve my art and get better results. Oh, I almost forgot to write this... I will keep drawing Ekko until I'm happy with the result then I'll let you know about it.

I hope you are having an awesome day and I hope you enjoy my drawings as much as I do!

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