Eliminating beliefs:

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When we are born, we are completely pure beings, but as we grow, we become the product created by our environment, family, social or religious.

Regardless of the environment where you are formed, it is not until you grow up that you realize that all this time you have been a product created by anyone but you.

Do not do this!

You should not do that!

You can not do it!

People like you shouldn't do it!

You should respect that person!

Do what I tell you!

You are punished for defending your opinion!

I could go on with the list but I don't want to fill myself with negativity lol.

Where I want to get to with all this is that we have to look in the mirror and see if what we have been doing has to do with what we want or with what society wants in us.

If the answer is the first option, I congratulate you, you are a free person who travels for your happiness.

If you answered the second option, start to remove all those beliefs, go to China and start now to create your belief system regardless of whether it is the right thing, what your parents want for you or without obtaining approval.

Be happy without intentionally hurting anyone and build the life that you and absolutely you want.


Something that will help us create our new belief system, let's call it: "Reborn" is the initiation of new habits into our lives.

But they will not be any kind of habits, they will be only those necessary for you, for the life you want.

So sit down and think about what kind of habits you think can help you grow personally and physically in what you love so much.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, sit down with a pencil and paper and start thinking about what a skinny person does to look skinny.

Or without traveling so far, think about what you should do to lose weight.

Your list should look like this as an example:

*Improve my diet.

*Exercise, especially cardio to lose weight.

*Sleeping more.

* Go to a nutritionist.

*Avoid junk food.


And so you can extend the list, the important thing is that you start writing down the habits you want to acquire to start becoming the person you want to be.

You will be the product of the habits you are willing to repeat, so start now.

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Can we have new beliefs?

Of course, and the human being is really lucky to have the opportunity to change and master our mindset and emotions, so yes.

Of course, it is not easy since there are beliefs embedded in the deepest part of us, thanks to all that we learned from our family, society or religion.

But that doesn't mean we can't hit our reset button and have our new belief system.

I think that as we grow, we adopt new beliefs, so you don't have to be orthodox and never change your new beliefs, the idea here is that you get to believe in things that make you grow, don't worry if as the process you change your mentality or beliefs, it is also part of the process.

Think about the person you want to be:

Spend the rest of your days thinking about the person you want to be, don't waste another second on what you weren't.

One of the best things about being optimistic about your dreams is that it eases the process with anxiety and stress.

It is useless to think about what you did not do or the mistakes you have made, that only serves as experience, now think about what you want to be, I promise you that you will be much more optimistic and you will have more motivation.

Now, sit down with a piece of paper again, and write on a piece of paper that person you want to become.

Be totally honest, forget about your family, forget about what they want for you, forget about society and what it says you should or shouldn't do, forget about religion and start loving God in your own way and may He be with you in your process.

What person do you have to become to achieve your dreams?


Now comes the hard part, which is to write down everything you have to become from now on in order to achieve your dreams.

It is the most difficult moment because it is difficult for all of us to leave our comfort zone, but come on, believe me, it will always be worth it.

Eliminate everything that does not serve you and hold on with all your strength to everything that leads you to achieve it, as long as it is about you and your dreams, it will be worth it.

You not only have to try to do it, but also be disciplined with it, so that even if you don't feel like doing it, you keep doing it because they are your dreams and your dreams cannot be put at risk for anything or anything. any.

Now that you have changed your mentality a bit, it is time for you to start believing that you are already that person that you want to be so much, because the mind can be so powerful that when you believe you can do it, it will be so. .

Believe in everything that leads you to achieve your goals and forget about the easy and basic, about yourself and run for your dreams.

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Topics: Life, Tips, Dreams, Beliefs, Vlog, ...


Buenisimo tema, debemos de creer en nosotros mismos, sacudirnos de las creencia que llevamos desde nuestro niñez, busquemos nosotros lo que nos haga felices, cumpliendo nuestras metas y proyectos.

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7 months ago

Si Javier, si no te quitas edad capaz probablemente no encuentres las felicidad, ya que te estarás quitando la oportunidad de ser lo que quieres ser.

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7 months ago