I'm Just A Soft-hearted Person.

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I know it shouldn't be associated with the word 'just' because a soft-hearted person is beyond as we know. I know a soft-hearted person is more than a normal person because it is their character that makes them unique and word to distinguish as who they are. I just noticed that I was a soft-hearted person since I saw this place. It was nice, free, colorful not until I started to hear shouts from you. I know it was normal, as I became used to it, but we could talk about it in a healthy conversation, could we? This might sound rude to you because I was just a quarter of your age but could we start a new perception for us to grow? Could we?

I'm sorry if sometimes I was living my life sad. It's just I can't hold my tears anymore so I couldn't say them to anyone. I have new friends now to open some of my grievances in life but there is a person who is often there for me to listen and help me as much as he can. It couldn't be always because he also has his own life to think of but having a friend like him is something every person would be pleased to wish for. Do you know about efforts? I think he invented that word because of his talent in appreciating each one of his friends. I know there is nothing to be sorry about but I will do my best to appreciate the person who is always giving back the same energy as I was giving.

I'm sorry if I have sudden emotions. I could cry easily if you shout at me or even say words that are not used in my ears. I could even be happy at small things because appreciation is everything to me. I might be crazy to think but trust me, I am genuine if you would not hurt me. Words are important to me as I know they could create emotions and even promises that sometimes are meant to be broken. It is just how you control things over your emotions. You can cry as much as you want, you can laugh as much as you want but don't curse them. Just reflect on it and try to grasp everything you could grasp about it.

I'm sorry if I move away from things I know could trigger my emotions. This sounds selfish sometimes but it was not. I am just choosing the best for me and other people and avoiding the possibility of making inappropriate things that could destroy both of us. I am thinking critically about the decisions that might affect my future and choosing the best one that I know could give me peace.

I'm sorry if you have a soft person like me. I know I shouldn't be sorry about this thing but sorry if you lose my trust. I couldn't be promised if I would trust you like I was but your presence would greatly be remembered until the last air of my body. We don't know which way it goes but at least you know the lesson and you can avoid it to others. I shouldn't be sorry for who I am because I know this character I have is the thing that is making me who I am today. With that being said, I must not others just destroy it and influence it so I must think more critically.

Soon there will be someone who I am gonna be soft and not regret it after—the person I know who would not judge me for being who I am. Being soft-hearted is actually fun and good. We could celebrate our silent battles, be happy with small things that some couldn't appreciate, and many more things that I know I am happy experiencing. May more wonders and wanders come my way. I know through these things, I could express who I want to show to others freely and without hesitation.

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