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I Appreciate the Humbleness and Talent.

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2 months ago

Watching live streams on Facebook is never been a new thing to me. I always watch the live streams of my favorite pro players playing the used-to-play game I am in recently. Those players are the pride our country has because they proved not just to the haters that they can do the things their haters doubt about before but also proved to themselves that they are above what they expect of themselves. They are really if you put yourself in their shoes because having such talents in gaming takes much time before we can say that we are ready to compete with millions of players around the world. I am a secret avid fan, actually. I rarely post about the championship posters online, especially on my Facebook account, as others do, but deep inside me, I also want to collect the released jerseys from the teams I support. Unfortunately, my wallet cannot second the idea I want to happen as I have many other things to reconsider before such things.

Just recently, I got a notification from my Facebook application that someone from my favorite team is live and currently playing at that time. I immediately get into his live stream and ask some questions I didn't expect he would consider. At that moment, I realized that I stan great players that think impressive and equally because, after all of what they got, they would not let their pride and ego eat them, unlike what I have heard recently from other players from our neighboring countries.

If you were not a gold laner, what position would you want to be in? This was the first question I was able to ask because it was the first thing I think of at that moment. To give you an idea about the context of my questions, there are positions in the game we are playing that must be fixed; or even not but you must have at least an announced one because it is hard for players if you have a complex role and playing in different lanes especially if you are in the main line up. My feelings silently burst that moment due to my question was picked and answered by the player even though there were also almost a hundred other commenters commenting on the live stream. If I were not a gold laner, I think I would be playing the jungle role and competing with my team if ever that would happen, Emman says. Some of my fans know that I was a jungler before I got into this position and got the award I got from a major tournament outside our country, he added. Those words realize me that he is a humble guy after all. He got the skills and also the attitude that a player has to have. If one characteristic lacks in a player, the whole team will be greatly affected by it will not be able to play stable, and might lose their games. I got this quote from a great coach.

Do you believe that some skins have some in-game advantages? He didn't answer this one but I already know the answer because I am also a player. The fact that all skins released have different in-game skill effects, some are having in-game advantages that might change the flow of the game. Some might agree with this one but many proofs can strengthen this statement. Even coaches and professional players are saying it.

How to last in your chosen career? He wasn't able to answer this one because as far as I observed in his live stream, he got a problem with his audio set up so he wasn't able to get back his voice into the live stream. Therefore, he didn't end the live stream and still chose to be with his fans and let them watch his remaining games to give tips and tricks to be a better and more knowledgeable player.

Thank you for reading this article.

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Written by   179
2 months ago
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