One Chance With You

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9 months ago

I remember when we first met,

We are just casual and have our smile.

We easily get along with each other.

You made me smile and I enjoy your company.

Though behind those moments are nightmares of my life

I don't know the whole story behind yours nor you to mine.

But a chance to be with you is what I called maybe fate.

Yes, indeed, it really is.

Our time was too fast and we gamble.

Then one day, I realize this is all true.

You, me and us.

Just when I have to think, all are in places.

My head wasn't over my heart.

Never did I use it on us.

Another day is when I have this one chance with you.

I never regret it that day.

I might thought to hold back

I was too scared to go on

But what I am now is because I have you in my life.

One chance being with you is the best story of my life.

It is written in different colors.

It blooms like those gardens.

It might have smile and tears but it is worth living for.

Thanks for reading this old poem from my journal.

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Nice to read your article using a good words

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