Getting Health Conscious

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July 27, 2022 Wednesday

Health care or healthcare is the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people. Health care is delivered by health professionals and allied health fields.


Do you remember about my past article, "Health Problem"? If you haven't read it, you can check it to this link.

Nowadays, there are so many illness and from an ordinary illness it complicates and gets worse. Just like what happen to our colleague. He never follow the doctor's advice to have a yearly medical laboratory test. He boastfully stand that he is fine and healthy despite his age and vices. Then this year his weight sudden drop in just a few months and decided to have the test. Then he was on sick leave for a month but due to his condition he might need more extension of sickleave. Many rumors spread that he is on a stage 4 liver cancer. We never confirm nor deny it because it's his privacy not to disclose to us and we respect that.

All employees are required to have an annual physical examination during our birth month. Those who age 35 years and above may be advice by the doctor to have some laboratory test. The doctor only advice but never mandate us to do so. It will just depends on us if we want to know our health condition.

Since I have undergone last year some test, the doctor this year request for another test to compare. That is why last Saturday I really push through my schedule to finish all my lab test and get the results.

  • ECG or Electrocardiogram

Even I do not know how to read or interpret, it is stated that it shows all normal. Though I still have to see a doctor and have him read it and explain this result.

  • Neck Ultrasound

About my neck, the doctor request the ultrasound to check for any abnormality. It seems fine also but need to show to the doctor too.

  • Blood Test

This test really makes me feel scared about the results because I know my body. I know I am not 100% healthy. I feel some pain and numbness at times and I know I need to some medical attention and be health cautious.

The test shows the result for the following:

  1. Fasting Blood Sugar

  2. Total Cholesterol

  3. Triglycerides

  4. HDL Cholesterol

  5. LDL Cholesterol

  6. VLDL

  7. Serum Creatinine

  8. Uric Acid


Some are within the parameter and some result are not. So I need to see the doctor to recommend me some medications or whatever that can help improve my health condition including exercise and diet. Yes I know the doctor will notice my gain weight. Even my blood pressure is normal, probably she will recommend me for a diet. Well, I know there too many request maybe to be health conscious already and I am willing to do so. Because I wanted also to be better and won't get ill.

Closing Thoughts

Taking care of ourselves is the most important thing we should do. We live each day because we wanted to live more with our love ones and getting sick should not be in the picture. Hence, my children are still young, I will really now be more health conscious seeing my lab test results. I should not ignore any small result that might go beyond the limit because it might gets bigger if not taking care of.

Thus improving my health is now a priority. Eat less carbs, drink more water, exercise and eat more fruits and veggies and possible ignore meat.

Hmm.. too easy to say but difficult to do. But I have to help myself though.

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Thank you for reading my work.

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True we have to take care of our health specially during this time we need to be careful of what we intake ..more fruits nd veggies.Health is wealth.

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7 months ago

Our health is our valuable asset, we need to take a very good care of our health because health determine the change in the body and health is wealth, health is everything. I know it really hard to do that but you have to try to create the motivation to do in motivations there is passion which brings power . Stay safe mam

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7 months ago

ang swerte mo nmn ate sa work mo at kada birth month meron pa ganyan. that means na iniingatan tlga kayo ni company mo. Good thing normal mga lab test mo ate.

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7 months ago

Oo nga. Fortunate kami dahil may ganito at covered sa insurance kaya ako talagang nagpapalab ako yearly. Saka normal yung ibang results pero yung iba need bantayan kasi kapag tumatanda na tayo ay hirap na talaga ang sobrang sweets, sobrang alat at taba. Kaya expect na ako sa mga recommendation ni doc next week.

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7 months ago

Good to know ate dapat talga now na natanda na tayo eh maging mas wise na tayo sa healthy living. mahirap magkasakit.

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7 months ago