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1 year ago

Sunday, 2 August, 2020

He woke with a swollen eye, thanks to late night focus on his phone screen. He did his routine morning activity, but didn't have time for church, today been Sunday.

He took lunch and decided to go sit out for a while. Taking a chair, he sat outside watching passersby and just anything.

As if sitting outside by himself is not lonely enough, he ventures back into his room at a moment when there is interrupted power supply. Phone battery is flat, no power to turn on the TV.

He just sat on his bed all by his lonesome. He sat there for hours thinking of everything and nothing.

Knock knock...

He heard chattering of people outside his door, the voices were familiar.

He soon found himself amongst his friends, who spoke about mindless things such as going to club, going for a swim, drinks and women. Time wasted he often thought.

He later found that if he buried his nose in a book they left him alone. The noise faded into the background as the friends excluded him from their sphere.

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So books were his escape. It's a far better escape than anything indeed

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1 year ago

Yes, it was at the moment. And has been in more.

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1 year ago