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September 24, 2021

Our life is like water in a river that always goes a forward flow that will end in the ocean. But before the water from the river reaches its destination it faces many kinds of challenges, rocks, deep and shallow parts of the river, and many more. But as we see the water in the river become stagnant it is because of the blockage, it is stock in the deep part, and when the current is too weak. See the resemblance between the river and our life?

The Beginning

Let us start the journey of the water in the river or this case our life. In the beginning, let say we are guided of our parent and we are in the same river and the same flow. We are guided in the flow together by the water and as the flow continues many things will happen and we don`t know that yet in this part of our journey or life. At this moment we are so busy looking the good part of life, the part where only good thing happens, full of rainbows, trees and endless flower fields where we can be free. Full of happiness while we and our parent is building ourself in the next step of life.

But there are some that in the beginning don`t have that kind of companion, some have that companion but don`t feel like it. In that two scenarios, many things are different and they will never be the same. Those people in their shoes will always wish the opposite things. But as our lives progress it will not matter anymore, what matters is how we fight and not give up until we reach our one last breath.

The Separation

Now for the second part of life, we need to be separated, I think it is a must in life. In our journey time will come that the river will sometimes bifurcate and because of that many of our companions will be separated from us.

This is one of the hardest parts of our journey, seeing people come and go and seeing how their smiles fade. At this moment we will have a hard time adapting to these massive changes. For now, we need to stand on our feet and make our path, and our own story. For most of us, this part will be easy, as their parent train them that way. They will have more advantages than others.

And for those lucky ones that did not pass to this path, they have their own way later in their life. This is not always a good thing because they will not experience some of life's most challenging parts that make most of the people strong. In some parts of life, we can use the ability to know how to live on our own.

Our path

The separation is done and it is time to make our own story. At this moment some already know where they are headed or know what they want, and some are troubled to know where did they want to go.

I think the major of people feel the same way, that there is no sense of direction in a certain part of our life. We feel like robots waking up in the morning, working then sleeping again at night. We feel that there is more to life than to end the day and rest and wait for the same thing tomorrow. But in time we will figure out how it works, right? In time we will be awakened and realize how much life we wasted doing things we don`t want to do. With that awakening, we will pursue things that we want, that things that make us happy. We will chase all our might and strength to make it happen.

"I hope we all find our awakening soon..."

At the Top

Here we will feel that all is playing according to plan, we feel that we are so powerful and we can conquer the world with our hands. This is the part that our way of life changes depending on what is happening, what environment is around us, and what do we really desire.

But some people don`t reach this far, some lose hope, some don`t have the capability, and some fall early. But there are many that are taking their time in life, those who choose to savor every moment and stay in that time a little bit longer. And there are some fast that they don`t feel and see the importance of every moment in our lives and at the end of the day when they look back, they will just see his/her own footprint alone in the ground.

"Please don't lose hope... we are all waiting at the end"

All Images are from Unsplash

I will continue this tomorrow, I don`t have enough left for today, I hope you understand my wonderful readers.

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