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The Night

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The Night of October 19, 2021

First the Afternoon, as soon as we arrived in Naic Cavite, I help my mother in the market we have. My mother`s business is selling meat near a subdivision at our place, my mother sells there for almost 5 years I think and she shows there every day in that 5 years. I and my father help my mother every day when I am living here full time. It is fun selling meat but it is exhausting, it is also a good way to pass time here in our home town.

There is nothing much to do here in our house, but Naic Cavite is a good location for cycling because it is near the Kaybiang Tunnel of Ternate Cavite. Naic is also a good route to Tagaytay City and many more places in Cavite. But Naic is so hot like any other town in low land.

After 3 months I am happy that I come back here now before November, last year I am unable to go home to visit my loved ones who passed away. But for this year I will assure you that I will visit them even in a short period of time.

We spend almost the whole day in my mother`s store selling and selling customer after customer. I love going in the store to observe many people and how they react in everyday life, I see many kinds of parents and how to treat their children, I see bad people taking advantage of others and many other kinds of people. Sometimes I am surprised by how they act in different situations. I see how they change their reaction every time. Is it just me that loves observing other people on how they react in real life?

After the store closed we headed home, I as soon as I get home I set up my computers and other things so I can have a working space where I can write and study different things. Now I can surf the internet for as long as I want because my parent has an internet connection unlike in my house I rely on data services and it so unreliable.

My younger brother is so happy about my arrival, now he has someone to play with within his play station 4. Last year we love playing Assasin`s Creed Odessey, it is fun and addictive, it is an open-world game that let you combine many kinds of armor for the different battle style you want, it is fun, so fun.

After I set up my computer and my brother`s PlayStation, I decided to take a rest and sit in our living room, it is fun to sit here again after a long 3 months away from this house. This house has advantages and disadvantages like any other house filled with people. We only have several months before we move to our different house because this house will be demolished because of the construction of a new bridge from Cavite to Bataan. It is a piece of heartbreaking news for us because we all grew up here. We all have memories here growing up, memories full of happiness and sadness, challenges and victory. When I was a little kid I will wake up and sleep again in this same place and it is hard to accept that this place will be lost forever in several months. But it is what is, we can fight the government especially when many other people will benefit from this project.

Going home even in a small amount of time is priceless, it is both stressful and fun, but most of the time stressful because you will adapt again in a small place with another part of the family. It is hard to move back in especially when you have a computer setup instead of a laptop and a pet, those 2 require a lot of space in the house and many old people will not like you moving pieces on their house. So it is more stressful in the beginning and slowly becoming fun than when your vacation is about to end, suddenly all things are fun and it is hard to say goodbye.

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Written by   41
1 month ago
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