The Necklace of Hope

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Chapter 1: the Story Begun

The day started like any other, rain pouring in the roof and the wind is slamming my door back and forth. I haven`t get out of bed yet, I`m to lazy to move in the morning. I feel like the bed is constantly absorbing me until I`m comfortable enough not to move, do you experience the same sometimes?

I`m Luci, I`m from a small town from Manen, this place is magical, sweet and sometimes chaotic at the same time beautiful. Houses are build with polished stones and brown woods, colorful flower are planted near the side walks. Street lamp that is light every night and illuminate the whole street. Hear everyone know each other starting from the youngest to the elderliness. Everyone roaming around with their horses pulling big carts full of things that they sell in the near by village.

My family is one of those family that is not so poor but not so rich as well. My father Den work every day in our farm together with my mother Karen. They are married for a long time and I think they live happy hear with me.

In the morning we have our own work to do, my father headed to the farm while my mother cook us some foods. My duty is to fetch some water form the well 3 houses away from us so we can have water we can use in drinking, cooking and taking a bath. Before lunch time arrive I must finish my one and only duty and my mother must finish cooking our food. Once we are done we are ready to go to the farm and help mu father there.

Our farm is not a typical farm, it`s not so big but we get plenty of vegetable that we can sell, and that profit can feed us for a day. I think that a good thing right?

In our farm we plant vegetable like cabbage, water melon and potato. If the harvest is good we can take home some of them for our dinner. We live a good life and I think I`m satisfy with it.

The next morning while I`m on my way to fetch some water and I notice something is different. There are many people in one rea and they are lookon at the same direction. As I come near two girls are talking,

Poor Carno, I can`t imagine the pain he went through before he die. Said the girl.

Yes, there are blood everywhere and it smell bad. Said the other girl.

I immediately interrupted their conversation.

What happened to Carno? I said. Carno is one of my childhood friend and we went to the same public school together. There family is the as mine but his father is gone since we are little. They said Carno`s family is once rich before his father left the village 10 years ago. After Corno`s father left the village rumors spread quickly on why did he left. Some said that Carno`s father is so sick in farming and some said that they are rich because they have other business out side our village.

As I asked the question to the tow girls, I am shaking and my tears is about to fall but the girls can`t answer my question, It`s like they freeze while looking at me or they just want to talk to me because they know that me and Carno are best friend.

I ran toward the crowd and squeeze my self until I see Carno`s body is separated in half. The girl is right, blood is everywhere and there house is almost burned but Carno`s mother and sisters are alive. Carno`s body is separated in half while his eyes are wide open. His expression of fear and pain can still be seen in his face. His one eye is popped out and his fingers are cut off. His lower body is full of laceration and his ankle is fractured.

I can`t move and I can`t speake at the same time, my hand and shaking. I feel numb and the wind suddenly change direction and now it`s cold. Our memories together rapidly flashes back and my tears start to run down my face. His mother is crying loud while his sister is still in shock standing near Carno`s deceased body.

I don`t know what to do now. I can`t even move a muscle to wipe my tears away form my face. The soldier came and clear the area. As we are moving backward I see two man staring at me like they know me. I look them back but I think it`s the first time i see those faces. I eventually look to the different direction where I can still see them on my peripheral vision. I see them walking toward me slowly like a predator tinking thousand ways to devour it`s prey.

After I see them coming near me I started to feel terrified. I gain back the control for my muscle and I look them one last time before I ready to ran. The one man have a sword in his waist and the other man carrying a empty sack of that the farmer use to load their items to the cart.

I brace my self to run while carefully observing them if I know them or not, now I have the courage to look the one man in the face. I look through his black empty eyes, I feel to terrified, the fear star to crawl up to my spines while I nearly forgot to breath.

As I looking in his face I see a blood tinge in his collar and some wound in his fore arm, now my fear is nearly in it`s peak. The two man is closing to me as I step back turn around and run to our house. The two man did not follow me until I get home.

My father and my mother is not there I think they are in the farm already. I`m still shaking while my tears is constantly dripping in my face. my cloths is now wet due to the sweat I get from running fast I can.

I lock all the dorms and roll the curtain down. I still think those two man`s face so dark and empty, I feel like they are sending a message to me.

The day is coming to an end and my father and mother arrived.

why there is no water hear? My father asked. And why you did not go to the farm and help us load the vegetable to the cart?

I feel my father is kind of angry and irritated. I can`t answer any quetion my father ask. I`m still in shock of all the thing that happened this morning. My father is talking to me but I didn`t understand anything he was saying. Then my tears fall down to my face, I start crying. I look to my father and he seems so shock.

Did I say some thing wrong?

Is everything okay? My father ask me.

I still can`t answer and my mother just hug me and I feel comforted and safe

I started to talk to them. Carno is dead

Those three words left them in silence, they both can`t talk after I said those words.

How? Why? What happened? My mother asked while her voice is rattling

I don`t know, this morning while I`m on my way to fetch some water I see many people in front of their house and I over heard that Carno is dead.

I can feel that they are both worried and still in shock. We all can`t talk and suddenly some one knock on our door so loud, it scare my soul of me.

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