Making a Better Life

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Did you feel sometimes your life is crashing, falling into ashes or atrophying? Or did you feel your life is taking off life a rocket going to the moon? People don`t always feels the same, peoples mind always change, in the first moment they our happy and in the other moment they are not.

What life do you have? Is it good? Bad? Happy? Sad? Is it full of anger or rage? No matter what it is we can make it better. We make it better for our self, for the people around us and for the people who love us.

How to Make a Better Life? Can we make It better or we will just live and die with this burden? So hear are some tips that might help you to make the best version of your self.

Start your Day with a Smile

First thing to do when you wake up is to greet everyone you see, it make your and others mood lighter and bright. Imagine when your college is having a bad morning and you did not sat hi to him or simply just smile, it will make his morning and probably his whole day bad.

"Sometimes simple smile aren`t so simple after all"

Be Grateful for What you Have

Be content and be just thankful for what you have. Always remember that there are other people that has a worse life, worse job or worse suit that they don’t want. So be glad on what you have, feel it and just cherish it.

"Don`t find your happiness on others, be happy with your self and it will all follow"

Stay Positive

stay positive no matter what, don’t let negativity engulf you. Always find every positive side of everything and everything will be light, bright and shiny. Because when negativity swallow you whole everything will just be bad, every positive though you have will become bad and its not easy to get out.

Always Remember that We are Growing

Be ready for the future, prepare your emotions and energy. Growing up is tiring and draining, its so fast and it feels like we`re running out of time, if you are slow you can be left behind. But being left behind is not always a bad thing, remember that every people is different and we have different time line that we are following and different fate. So just remember those give up and loose hope will be always left behind but those who keep on going will reach the end

Follows What Makes you Happy

Do what make you happy, don’t push your self to thing that you don`t want to do, you know it that it is killing you from the inside inch by inch, as time pass the damage become bigger and bigger until you can`t handle it anymore and you just snap and break .Remember one life one shot make it the best it can be.

Enjoy Every part of the Moment

Enjoy it, we don’t know when will it end and how long it will last, it can end in a blink of an eye and it can never happen again. Cherish every time when your are with our love ones, when you live far from them come visit them when you have time, you don`t know when is the time that they will be gone. Look every view, do what you want like it is your last.

Change is not easy and it not come fast, it is a step by step process and it require patient and support form the other. Making a better life is always a good move and always a good.

There is no perfect of happy life for every body, we are different yet the same, we are the same in the way that every day we seek for peace, for happiness or for a piece of silence and we can`t get it easy. We are the same in terms of love and pain, in hope and faith and in trust an promises.

Make your life better and make everyday a celebration, do good for other and it will come back to you. Be happy and be you, always smile and make you life better and better every day

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