Which way is the right way?

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2 years ago

My question for the day is.. what is the point of life?

"One" has had a full 45 years of life. Raised two boys into dashing young gentlemen while working non-stop for 26 years and single, to now be sitting without a job thanks to COVID 19 or not. Having no income BUT doing everything possible online to make a success of the situation. Given your heart out more than once only to be used and abused. To be told you are too nice, too caring, too overqualified, too sweet, too bitchy, too straightforward, too moody, too depressed ... oh the list goes on and on and on.

What does society want from the "said person"? Will it be this way for the rest of "said person's" days??

As the festive season is upon us and families are preparing to celebrate, "said person" is facing a long and lonely period with no one family around, no "friends" (by choice - thieves and liars), and the love interest facing battles of his own and MIA - AGAIN.

This same "said person" puts on her big girl panties every day and gets up and shows up with a smile even if it is just a facade just to get through the long and lonely, sometimes unbearable days.

The confusion is, did "said person" do something in her previous life to warrant how this life has turned out thus far? and how does one change the course of life?


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You know i've been on your shoes too some time not so long ago, though i have my people around but still the question is still there hanging why and how it ends like this. But, just keep the faith. God bless you!

Btw, i love the title 😊

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2 years ago