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Ghost stories

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1 year ago

Huge forest. Village at the end of the forest. The name of the village is Chandanpara. A farmer lived in the village. The farmer's name is Rahim.

Every evening Rahim returns home with his friends. But one day Rahim did not return with his friends due to overwork. He said goodbye to his friends saying he would be late.

It's been a long night. But the farmer has not returned home yet. Kisani is thinking. He has sought out Rahim's friends. But friends say, ‘Rahim said it will be too late to return home because there is too much work.’ Meanwhile, Rahim is very scared. On his way back to Rahim's house from the field, a banyan tree fell. Banyan trees are usually haunted by ghosts.

Rahim heard from his friends that all the ghosts come out at night. In the midst of it all, the demons give their heads to those who spend the night. It was winter then. Rahim consoled himself, ‘There are no ghosts in the world. Just being scared doesn’t work. I take the name of Allah. InshaAllah. Nothing will happen.

Thus Rahim continued. River to cross the field. It's late at night. Although the ferry is tied to the wharf, there is no boatman, it is cold in Kankan. There are bushes near the river. The bamboos in the bushes are humming. The leaves of the tree are swaying in the breeze. In the meanwhile, the sound is coming. Rahim realized it was the sound of an engine-boat. Because he rented an engine boat one day with his friends and went for a picnic.

Rahim saw a girl coming with the engine boat. Now Rahim's fear tripled. But Rahim thought to himself, he will see this strange secret at night. The girl is wearing Benarashi sari and anklet on her legs. As soon as he came ashore, Rahim's throat became dry and turned into wood. I let you down on that bank. 'His throat is very sweet.

Rahim thought for a while. He fell into thought. After thinking for a while, Rahim said, ‘Okay, let’s go.’ The girl laughed as soon as she said that. The girl said, ‘I wait for people every night.’ Farmer Rahim said, ‘Why’? The person you are looking at is not a human being, but a soul. I wait for people every night. People are not seen at night. But I got people today. 'The boat had reached Rahim's destination by then. Rahim got down and saw that the girl was not there.

Rahim continued. But he saw the girl standing in front of him. Rahim loses consciousness. When he regained consciousness, he saw that he was lying in his room. Kisani next door. But even after everything went well, Rahim's fear did not abate. He could not forget the girl.

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1 year ago
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