You can have your cake and eat it

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There's a popular English expression which is by no means a stranger to controversy or arguments. Although with a clear meaning or message, the right wordings or order of wordings for the expression is usually the bone of contention. The wordings used for the expression is usually either of the ones presented below.

A. "You can't eat your cake and have it"

B. "You can't have your cake and eat it"

There are usually three school of thoughts as it pertains to the above wordings for the expression:

  1. The first school of thought opines that option A correct or more appropriate than option B

  2. The second school of thought argues that option B is correct and more appropriate than option A

  3. The third school of thought is that either option can be used as both expressions conveys the same meaning.

Irrespective of whatever school of thought you choose to follow, whenever either option A or B is used the audience tends to decipher the intended message of the speaker or writer. However thanks to the Chefs at pancakeswap, I dare to say that there's now a twist to the age long tradition. The twist is:

"You can have your cake and still eat it (cake)".

The above wordings may sound illogical albeit impossible but upon close examination of the happenings at the pools in the pancakeswap house, one will find out that it is indeed possible to be a hodler of cake and still eat it (cake). This is possible by diving into either of two syrup pools in the pancakewap house with your cake holdings only to earn cake. To state it more explicitly you can earn and thereafter eat cake if you decide to by staking your cake holdings in either the manual cake pool or the autocompounding cake syrup pool.

My recommendation is to dive into the cake syrup pool with the option of autocompounding. The pool can offer a decent cake harvest in the short term provided you have a tangible cake holding. For those without a substantial or small cake holding, the pool offers an opportunity to accumulate cake which can be accumulated for harvest in the long term. Both pools offer a decent APY with the Auto Cake pool being higher and consequently hopefully more profitable.

Lest I forget the Devs at beefy finance also have an autocompounding cake pool with a nice APY (about 0.19% daily as at the time of penning this post).

There are likely to be other platforms which offer cake pools aside these two mentioned herein. Irrespective of whatever platform you choose to stake your cake to earn cake, the good thing is that :

"You can have your cake and eat it".








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