The SmartBCH ecosystem is going ballistic

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The SmartBCH ecosystem has been a bee hive of activities in the past few weeks with the arrival of new Dexes to Join BenSwap and the NFT market place via BlockNG. There is no room for monopolisation of the space as the Devs of the respective dexes have to up their game in terms of adding value to their platforms. Word on SmartBCH street has it that a new dex will be launching tomorrow . It could however be later than this depending on when the presale is concluded.

The dex goes by the name of Beachswap and is available at although there isn't activity yet. This is not unexpected as it hasn't been launched yet. The site is expected to go live as soon as the presale which is ongoing ends.

Some components of the interface remind me of some functions available on the Bolt True Shares platform on the Binance Smart Chain. The features are specifically the vault and the locker. The vault offers locking up the beach token for a specific period of time to earn rewards. Currently only 7 and 30 days lock up options are displayed on the site.

The competition among the dexes is a very welcome one and I hope it yields more effectiveness and innovation on the part of the Devs. The BeachSwap dex will be offering something which no other Dex has offered till now. A peek into the farms shows that they will be offering single staking for FlexUSD and WBCH. This could be a game changer that will swing things in favour of the platform and attract liquidity providers especially the single staking of FlexUSD due to the protection from impermanent losses.

The coming weeks are hopefully going to be explosive on the network as other dexes are expected to also up their game. The MistSwap dev has already hinted of the unveiling of a feature on their platform which isn't currently available on others . The announcement was made via a post on their Telegram channel as seen in the screenshot below.

This brings me to an observation regarding effective communication between the Devs and users of the available dexes. The Devs /Admins of BenSwap, MistSwap and BCHPAD have been doing a lot in terms of timely response to queries in Telegram groups but there is still room for improvement. The Admins of the MuesliSwap in particular need to do a lot more in terms of updating members of their Telegram group with some individuals raising these concerns recently. The Admins seem to have a listening ear and are now posting updates in their TG more often which I hope they will sustain. This is my personal assessment of the current situation which is open to scrutiny.

For holders of BCHPAD tokens you can now put your tokens to work on MuesliSwap as a BPAD-BCH farm has been added on their platform. Hopefully by the time BeachSwap launches tomorrow there will also be another dex to stake BPAD-BCH LP as a preview of their site shows a BPAD-BCH farm.

It is the desire of the supporters of the SBCH platform that we will not be witnessing rugpulls anytime soon and that the competition amongst the dexes will give room for more productivity.
Only time will tell which of the dexes will be the last man or men standing.

Lest I forget MistSwap is having a giveaway contest of 50,000 Mist for correct predication of the feature they are announcing next week. You can visit their Twitter handle for the details of the contest.

For those interested in joining the BeachSwap presale, you can read the pinned message in their Telegram group :

for the procedure for doing so. Remember only invest what you can afford to lose in Defi and ALWAYS DYOR.








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