The blame game

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I doubt if anyone on the planet has never heard of this game. It is one of the most popular and competitive games in the world. It is often the subject of discuss in news broadcasts, news papers as well as other media outlets. Social media is often agog with different players engaging in this game. You may as well have participated in this game at one time or the other without knowing it, I know I certainly have.

The game cuts across all ages, races, tribe, religions and even nations irrespective of their size or influence. Spouses, siblings and even bosom friends could unwittingly become opponents too.The list of potential contestants or competitors is indeed endless. The origins of the games date back to the earliest of times. It is often borne out of the expression of the human weakness of seeking to be free of blame or not taking responsibility for one's shortcomings or short falls.

Some other times it is borne out of a more sinister motive of deliberately wanting another to bear the consequences for one's mistakes or misdeeds. In this case the erring party goes the whole nine yards to force the blame on the other side especially when it is perceived that they cannot stand up to them.

More often than not both sides usually put up a spirited defense as well as attack so as to win the sympathy of the audience or win them over with their version of the narrative. The most sophisticated arena where this game is played is that of politics. In this arena, all means of achieving victory is employed. Blackmail, manipulation of the facts and deception are all commonplace tools in this arena to winning the game.

One of the rather peculiar features of this game is that some of its participants are usually averse to the presence of an umpire, judge or referee for the fear of being declared as the loser. If and when an umpire is allowed to mediate, such participants can and most times choose to disregard the judgement or verdict of the referee when it turns out to be unfavorable to them.

Most times this game ends in a stale mate when neither side is ready to take responsibility or bear the consequences of their actions or inactions. It is only on rare occasions that the side which sincerely wants closure or progress decides to accept defeat in this case taking on the blame even though they may be on the moral high ground.

The result of the blame game especially if neither party decides to accept responsibility as is the case where both parties are culpable is usually not a good one as it promotes an air of animosity, hatred and mutual mistrust. You would be amazed by the sheer number of relationships that have been destroyed, friendships as well as alliances that have been shattered on account of the erring side(s) failing or refusing to conceed to their shortcomings and making amends.

The question I hope everyone who goes through this short piece will ask themselves afterwards is where do I belong? do I continue to grandstand or remain adamant even when I am clearly at fault and thus should accept the blame or do I deflect it to others.








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