Strive to mend broken fences

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3 years ago

It is normal for individuals to offend one another in the course of our daily lives. This is because we are simply human and not perfect. Perfection is an attribute which belongs to God Almighty alone. Sometimes we are offended by people who are seemingly oblivious of the fact that they have actually done wrong or something which is distasteful to us. If ever you feel someone has hurt you, there are two ways to go to avoid beating grudges in one's heart. Either speak up and let the eering individual know that they've hurt you , so that he or she can make the necessary amends. The second approach is to have a large heart and simply overlook the misdeeds however this approach should not be adopted at all times as there are simply occasions where one must speak up to prevent further occurrences of the mistake or even bigger mistakes.

The approach that should never be adopted is to bottle up the anger or start keeping virtual notes of the mistakes made by others. This will result in sour ,cold or worse still broken relationships especially among spouses. There may even regrettable words said or actions taken on the day when all such bottled up anger or animosity is let loose. The trigger for such outburst may even be the most trivial of infractions. Bottled up anger hurts the one bearing it even more than others. So if you want to live a peaceful life learn accommodate the mistakes of others , be merciful but also know when to speak up.

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