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Making BIG gains via Arbitrage trading

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Arbitrage trading appears to be gaining prominence these days in the crypto space because of the benefits some traders are getting from it. Traders who have mastered the art of arbitrage can make remarkable profits or gains within a short period of time with a reasonably large capital.

These gains if properly managed or further invested can indeed be life changing as it could well be a huge leap towards the pedestal of financial freedom. I came across a video a few days ago where an arbitrage trader was interviewed as to how much he could make from it within a few days. He confidently said he could make up to 1 million USD within a day. The logical question the interviewer then asked was how could that be possibly achieved?

The guy in the video gave a rather simple but plausible example of arbitrage involving Bitcoin. He surmised that he would buy Bitcoin at 10 million USD from a US based exchange and then sell it at 11 million USD at an exchange based in Japan, thus making a profit of 1 million USD.

He exuded so much confidence when citing the example that could push many to consider taking a dive towards arbitrage trading so as not to miss out of all the action. Although the % profits from arbitrage trading are not usually spectacular the actual profit made can be significant especially when the trading capital is huge.

Using the example from the video, the huge profit in terms of monetary value of 1 million USD as compared to the capital involved was just 10% which isn't spectacular compared to the percentage profits which other day traders can make from spot or futures trading which can be as high as a 100 %.

However some traders opine that the risk involved in arbitrage trading is far less when compared with the other trading styles or forms. For those with the tradophobia (just made this up) i.e. the fear of trading crypto with the associated technical stuff such reading charts et al. taking benefit from arbitrage may seem like attempting to take 'a bridge too far' (title of a movie about the failed attempt of the allied forces to take some significant bridges during operation market garden in the second world war).

There is light at the end of the tunnel for those with such phobia. Thanks to the advent of Artificial intelligence (AI) virtually anyone with some capital can benefit from arbitrage . There are established and well known arbitrage platforms available for would be investors with each platform having their respective profit margins which isn't fixed as it varies with market conditions.

CALA has been trending for a while now particularly for crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria. I was initially skeptical about joining the platform due to some observations put together in a video by a blogger about it. However after much thought I decided to take the risk of giving it a try while sticking to one of the golden rules of the crypto space of only investing what I could use.

This risk has paid off and much to my surprise the platform rather than losing steam or disappearing as was the fear of many seems to be gathering momentum as they recently hosted a banquet for several of their agents or marketers where the management outlined their future plans and offered assurances to investors. If you would like to give it a try, you can register with tht link below

CALA registration link

And this appears to be the beginning of arbitrage getting more attention as other arbitrage platforms may be springing up in no time. One of such is the Afrique Arbitrage Trading System or simply put AAS. This platform is unique in the sense that it is originating from the African continent and promises to offer the much needed financial freedom which most Africans desire.

However, the developers are not limiting the investment opportunities to Africans alone as they intend to open their doors to the global crypto community. The platform while similar to CALA in terms of utilizing the principle of arbitrage has some distinct features such as a lower limit for investment which according to their promotional flyer is 20 USDT as compared to 30 USDT on the CALA platform.

Another distinct feature is the auto compounding and investment functionality wherein a users profit is automatically reinvested after a given time window for withdrawal elapses.

This feature will surely be welcomed by users of the CALA paltform who have complained of having to manually activate bots upon their expiry after a 30 day period. The AAS platform is currently undergoing beta testing with investors who were able to meet the criteria to participate in the beta programme.

The public launch is expected to be some time after the beta testing is completed and all possible bugs that could hamper its smooth operation addressed or fixed. This may be yet another opportunity to earn passive income via an African initiative which aims to take arbitrage trading to greater heights. For further information about the platform see the link to their website below.

Remember that in the cryptospace ALWAYS





before considering investing in any platform and ONLY invest what you can afford to lose.

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Written by   184
1 week ago
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