Guide to launchpads on SmartBCH and BSC

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One of the ways to get in early on good crypto projects is to participate in their presale or initial token offering which may have variations as to its customized nomenclature depending on the taste or desire of the project developers or owners. The presale or initial coin offering (ICO) price is usually lower than the price when the token eventually begins trading or is listed on exchanges. Thus participating in presale is good idea for those who are interested in making quick profits. It is also the route of choice for those who see the long-term potentials in such projects and intend to make a substantial investment in such projects.

This article is intended to address some of the decentralised exchanges which have lauchpads for listing of new tokens on the SmartBCH and Binance Smartchain networks respectively. It is by no means an exhaustive guide as only a few lauchpads have been handpicked for discussion.

The lauchpads serve as a means for the listed projects to raise funds and they usually have a specific amount which they intend to raise. Different models are available for the projects to choose from. One approach is the first come first served (FCFS) model, where only those who contribute while the target amount is still being raised get tokens allocated to them when the sale ends.

In this approach once the amount to be raised is achieved, the token sale automatically ends. Another approach is one where participants can continue participating even when the target amount has been reached provided it is within the time allocated for the sale.

Irrespective of whatever model the developers choose to adopt, the higher the amount individual participants commit, the higher their their eventual token allocation. It is important to note that in some instances lauchpads usually set a minimum and maximum amount that individual participant can commit during a token listing while in some cases there is no maximum limit.

The means of payment or committing during token listings also varies. Some choose to use provision of liquidity pairs of selected token or utilizing individual tokens. These individual token could be BCH or WBCH as is the case for SmartBCH, BUSD or BNB for Binance Smart Chain. It may as well be the native token of the decentralised exchange hosting the launch.

Let's start off with the SmartBCH network. The SBCH network is the newer of the two networks in this article. Notwithstanding this fact a couple of dexes have launchpad platforms which are either functional or in the process of becoming so. The first of which is BenSwap with the native Eben token.

The BenSwap launchpad which is referred to as Initial Ben Offering (IBO) can be accessed by clicking IBO from the Menu button on its homepage which loads up the IBO page. Currently there is no ongoing IBO but the statistics from previous IBO's can be gleaned when the IBO page or section is accessed.

The next platform offering a launchpad on the SmartBCH network is BCHPAD which has seen a number of Initial Dex offerings (IDO) such as 1BCH, Tropical finance, Incinerate and Ashcoin.

BCHPAD has an added advantage to its holders in that it runs a policy of new projects assigning tokens to be distributed among holders via airdrop. As at the time of writing this piece, there is currently no ongoing IDO on BCHPAD.

Lastly MuesliSwap on SBCH now rebranded as CowSwap has a launchpad for those intending to launch their token via its platform. The launchpad button can be found in the menu bar from the home screen just like the previous platforms that have been mentioned.

The CowSwap launchpad has the options of presale, token creation and locker.

On the BSC side of things, aside from the well known launchpool hosted by the Binance centralised exchange, there are other decentralised exchanges which offer developers of new tokens a launch platform. We will be looking at a few of these.

The first and probably one of the most popular is PancakeSwap which dubbs it's launchpad as an Initial Flippening Offering (IFO). It's IFO has seen a number of improvements or enhancements as to how it is executed over time with the current IFO 3.1 now having the option of private sales with no maximum commitment amount per user.

However to join the private sale, a would be participant has to set one of the pancakesquad NFT's as his or her profile which is not a requirement in the public sale option which needs no specific NFT available in the PancakeSwap NFT collection.

The steps to participate in either sale are quite easy.

First ensure that you have Cake staked in the IFO pool when the calculation period for an upcoming IFO commences. This is usually announced in the PancakeSwap Telegram channel.

Thereafter navigate to the IFO section from the PancakeSwap home screen, Set your profile to the appropriate PancakeSwap NFT depending on the sales option you desire to participate in.

Then a few hours to the IFO commencement after it has been announced that the calculation period has ended ,unstake the number of Cake you intend to commit for the IFO from the IFO pool and wait for the announcement of the IFO commencement. Once the IFO goes live, commit your cake and wait for the process to end. Thereafter claim any unspent Cake as well as tokens allocated.

The second BSC launchpad of interest is the one offered by JetSwap finance. They dubbed it as Initial Jet Offering (IJO). They have done a few IJO's with the latest being that of Cosmosium finance about a week ago. Just like the others the IJO button is available via the menu on the home screen.

Navigating to the IJO landing page displays the upcoming IJO when the next option is enabled and previously concluded IJO's when the past option is enabled.

The rules for participating in an IJO could vary as either a single token or an LP may be required. For the just concluded Cosmosium IJO, BUSD was the token of choice.

Participants had to enable the contract to take part and thereafter commit the desired amount of BUSD of their choosing for the IJO. Upon completion of the IJO, the tokens allocated based on the amount of BUSD committed as well as any unspent BUSD are claimed for a network fee by the participant.

Our last stop on the BSC is BabySwap. It's IFO is also accessible from the menu on the home screen.

To participate in BabySwap IFO you need to provide liquidity by creating a Baby-USDT pair which will cover the cost of tokens you intend to purchase.

Thereafter commit your Baby-USDT LP once the IFO commences and claim your allocated tokens as well as unspent LP once the IFO ends. There is currently no ongoing IFO on BabySwap but you can view the statistics for IFOs that were done in the past.

This guide is in no way an investment handbook but a sneak peek into the opportunities that are available for joining token launches on SmartBitcoinCash and the Binance Smart Chain. Remember to ALWAYS Do Your Own Research before interacting with any decentralised exchange or participating in launchpad irrespective of the network on which they are being run.








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