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Genuine telegram bots that pay subscribers (updated)

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1 year ago

I have come across a few telegram bots that  are genuine and actually pay those who subscribe to them. The bots are listed below

1. LTC Click bot

2. BCH Click bot

3. BTC Click bot

4. Coinbase Click bot

5.ZEC Click bot

The first three bots pay you varying amounts of the respective cryptocurrency for visiting sites, messaging bots, joining groups and channels. You can also earn by referrals. They also offer the option of creating adverts for your links , channels or groups. The fourth bot offers daily claim, lucky roulette at intervals and the option of also visiting sites but lacks earning via referral.

Once you accumulate up to the minimum withdrawal amount for the respective bots, you can withdraw directly to your wallet for the crypto currency that each bot is meant for. The payment process is pretty smooth and relatively fast from my experience. The coinbase bot only pays to your coinbase email.

Amongst all the bots, the accumulation of crypto currency is fastest with the LTC bot as it offers the highest pay of crypto currency per activity. Let me add here that you'll only be able to earn a meaningful quantity of crypto currency with these bots if you have lots of time on your hands to spend completing tasks with the bots.

I will update the list as soon as I come across other genuine bots that are verified as actually paying. Special thanks @Shire on Publish0x for pointing me in the right direction.

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