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There are several versions of motivational videos about if the glass empty or half full. According to the commentaries in these videos, the option one chooses i.e. half empty or half full gives an indication as to if one is an optimist or pessimist. These choice of option adopted is a function of the perspective from which one chooses to view the quantity of water contained in the glass.

There's a third option which another speaker decided to bring in from viewing from another perspective. The option is not to care about the quantity of water contained in the glass but to find a way or make effort to get the glass filled. In his opinion the problem was that the glass was not filled and the solution or what needed to be done is to fill up the space left unoccupied by water so that the glass is filled to its capacity.

This perspective appeals to me as it doesn't not box anyone into a corner of being a pessimist or optimist and being doomed to remain there by urging the viewer to strive to get the glass filled to capacity. Thus in life in the face of any challenge or problem always seek the perspective which offer a way forward in terms of giving room for a solution or a positive outcome.

Those who choose to adopt a negative attitude in the face of challenges by constantly complaining or lamenting will not be able to see the solution even if it is staring at them right in the face. Strive and learn to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow or improve yourself because if you succeed in surmounting the challenges you will emerge stronger and more confident in your abilities or capabilities. It is the attitude borne out of the perspective on chooses to view challenges that makes some persons thrive while others continue to complain in the worst of economic situations. No one who ever achieved anything remarkable had a smooth sailing always.

When the global pandemic hit while some persons were complaining and groaning about the lock downs, others who chose to remain focused on achieving their goals were looking for innovative ways to continue their activities. Agreed that some complaints were genuine as to the effect of the lock downs but I am sure that with persistent effort and creativity there could have been a workaround for some of them.

Productivity in difficult times requires ingenuity, focus, discipline, determination and importantly viewing the difficulty or challenge as something that can be overcome and truimphed over. There are businesses which out of creativity were birthed during the lock down which did well during the height of the pandemic and have continued to thrive as normalcy gradually returns across the globe. While some individuals saw the period of the pandemic as a time for frivolities and binge feasting thus eventually losing out the opportunity for immense self development, others got certification for different skills via online learning platforms.

In countries where the number of white collar jobs are infinitesimal when compared to the number of graduates from universities vieing for them, some resign to fate and opt to wait and continue hoping that one day they will eventually land their dream white collar job. Others however decided to take their fate in their hands by acquiring vocational skills with which they can earn a living or establishing business which satisfy an identified need thus making them relevant with potentials to thrive.

If we were to list instances where individuals have created unique products from what others had considered waste and thus useless, we would surely not be able to exhaust them all. The same applies to individuals who saw the difficulties that confronted them as opportunities to challenge themselves to bring their problem solving skills to bare. For these classes of people, they viewed the problems they had to solve as a stepping stone to greater heights rather than a summit whose peak was impossible to reach.








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