Beware of scam cryptobots on Telegram

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2 years ago

There are several cryptobots on Telegram that claim to offer subscribers crypto currency in exchange for viewing websites, joining channels and groups, messaging bots and off course getting others to subscribe via means of referral links. Although there are genuine bots that actually live true to their claim, a large number of the bots are actually being managed by scammers whose sole aim is to get you to voluntarily gift them your hard earned crypto currency via means of baiting .

Imagine after working hard to get referrals and meeting other conditions to withdraw the coins you've earned only to be told that you have to pay a token in crypto for your withdrawal to be effected or processed. It sounds plausible and logical right. But what distinguishes a genuine crypto bot from a scam bot is that a genuine one will make any such deductions or charges from the coins you have EARNED with it and not request it from an external source which is not part of your earnings.

Another possible indicator of a scam not is that at the point of withdrawal you are told that you must upgrade from a free account to a paid account before you can withdraw your earnings. Once again this payment for upgrade cannot be made from your earnings but from your external crypto wallet.

These are just a few indicators to fish out potential scam bots on telegram. Please be very vigilant as to the terms and conditions of any crypto particularly with regards to withdrawing earnings before proceeding to invest your time with such not. Stay safe and protect your crypto wallets from scammers.

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