5 golden principles

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A wise man once said "make use of 5 things before another 5 set in:

Health before Ill heath

Youth before old age

Spare time before being occupied

Wealth before poverty

Life before death"

These few lines are laden with some of the inevitable things in life. Heeding to this advise may well be what will make one's life a fulfilled one or otherwise.

One of the priceless favours we receive on a daily basis is the gift of sound health. We often are generally unappreciative of it, that is until Ill health strikes or we encounter someone who no longer has the luxury of sound health. We tend to be blinded by ever increasing list of things we do not have that we fail to show gratitude for the numerous things we have been gifted particularly sound health.

The realization of the value of sound health strikes close home when we are directly affected or someone dear to us is. No cost is too much to bear to have one's health restored when Ill health or affliction strikes. Sadly only then do we truly comprehend how priceless sound health is, indeed it is more valuable than whatever material thing one can acquire as if it is absent even with affluence , happiness becomes a mirage.

The youthful stage in life is often characterised by physical strength and "free" time to engage in adventurous activities. This period isn't one that should allowed to go to waste as it presents the opportunity for acquiring skills and learning lots of new things which if well chosen could be of immense benefit as one grows older. However misuse of this period could marr one's future if it is spent in engaging in misdemeanours or unproductive activities.

The concept of free or spare time is not also limited solely to the youthful stage of life. It often presents itself every now and then to those who are vigilant and proactive enough to make the best out of it. I have come to realise that every spare moment one encounters in life can either be a source of joy or sorrow in future. It all depends on how the opportunity is uitilized. If it is used for frivolities or activities which are of no positive value to the individual or others, then surely it will be a source of regret. On the other hand, if it is uitilized to add value to one's life or that of others , then it will be a source of joy.

This second scenario may ironically also be a source of regret even though a beneficial activity was engaged in but it wasn't to the full extent of one's ability probably due to laziness, negligence or procrastination. There's nothing as regretful or painful as underperforming or not being true to one's ability or potential. It is no different from sabotaging oneself.

No one is guaranteed the next hour, minute or millisecond. Death is inevitable for every mortal being and can come knocking at any time. Hence it is important to always make the best use of the time we are gifted of a daily basis as it may well be the last opportunity for anyone of us. The experience of death is not an easy one and having to add the burden of regret to it due to living an unfulfilled life further exerbates the pain. It is therefore necessary to constantly question oneself about the emotion or reaction that would play out if one was to recall doing a particular act at the point of death before carrying it out.

It is not how long we live that matters but how much of an impact we are able to make in the life of others that is important such that when we take a bow off the stage of life, our legacy lives on.








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