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Rumors and issues about covid-19 vaccines

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2 months ago

Rumors and issues about the vaccine

There are some cases of vaccinated people or person, was died because of the vaccine( i dont know what kind of vaccine they chose is but base on the family thoughts its due to the vaccine why their love ones pass away).

So now im giving you a tips and another knowledge about the vaccine.

Because some people who has a bad effects to their body of the vaccine they choose to inject has a serious and mild side effects. So now i want you to know why it happen.

First thing we should do is to check first to the doctor, if you have any allergies on the vaccine ingredients or formulation. So we can avoid and choose the right vaccine for you.

Second is make sure you dont have any illness or serious illness that you feel before taking the vaccine.
Because some body of a person has an contradiction to a strong medicine. So if you have a serious illness and maintenance medicine. Go to your doctor for the proper guidance before get vaccinated to not be regret if ever what happened.

There is a type of human cells that cannot take a strong medicine to inject in their body, so tendency the side effects of the vaccine is maybe you can experience a blood cloth, hemorrhage, fever or chill.

So when you are vaccinated, please do monitor your body if ever whats not normal in your body pain unless for the minor side effects of the vaccine after you got injected.

A helpful tips that you should know:
-Once you are vaccinated as 1st dose to final dose.
Please do not be to comfortable to go out and go anywhere you want, because vaccination is doesn't mean you are fully protected from the virus.
Because if you're thinking at that way?, then you're wrong, why?
-vaccine purpose is to  familiarize the virus that hitting your cells. The vaccine is to  give you a less serious infection by a virus. It doesn't mean that if you are fully vaccinated is you can't carry anymore the virus or hit by a virus. Because not!

The vaccine is only to familiarize the virus and cannot be worsen your illness. Gets?

I dont know if you understand my grammar but try it to check to the grammarly because im not a good writer and not a good grammar author. So im not begging you to read it to the last, just skip it and go to other author's articles.

Why there is some vaccinated people died in vaccine?
-some are didn't tell the doctors or the nurse that they have an illness feel and some others are too much confident to go anywhere because they are vaccinated already which is very wrong.after 1 month of the 1st dose you need to fo back to te vaccination center for te 2nd dose and after that rest your body for a week and dont go out anywhere or going somewhere of atending some party. Because the vaccine is just processing to your cells to absorb and give a shield to your body cells to avoid from serious infection. Let it absorb and rest to your body before you go to some gatherings. Or else the vaccine will still useless because who got infected again with the virus and it is the reason why you died.

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Stay at home, wash hands frequently, wear always your face mask and faceshield & social distancing.

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Written by   30
2 months ago
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