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1 year ago

We all know that bitcoincash already hit the target of 1000$.and yes it did. So cheers to that and congrats to all bitcoincash lover and holders.

Why im writing this article? Because i want newbies to know about the value of every coins. Yiu all know that every crypto coins has it owns target value every week, every month and every year.

Now that bitcoincash reach the value of 1000$.what can you say now, that it pump into dip? Are you happy and why not?.

Well the answe is, you should be happy, why? Because that is the time that you can buy some stocks of bitcoincash. You buy low and sell it high. Thats the strategy of farming in crypto currency. So now is the time to buy, that's what they call panic buying. Once it pump up again you can not easy to buy some stocks easily due to its high value. So grab the opportunity to buy once it dip.

After 1000$ value of bitcoincash hit?! You know that there is more than that. Just hold your coins and buy more....... That bitcoincash money you had right now is the future of your dreams. You can help people with that and raise your family needs. Be thankful of what blessings you had. Because not all people in this world know about the crypto currency coins.

Thats it and i hope everyone has a positive mindset in this investment platform. You can rich by just holding your coins and nothing is impossible. Trust your coins and trust your gut feelings. God blessed bch holders and more more value to raise up!

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