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Avoid to fight in front of your son

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2 months ago

I believe in how you are  as a parent, then your sons will be like your attitudes too

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Last night when the parents of my partner has an argument or fight. I heard of how they fight to each other and in my mind, i remember how my partner mad at me and fight me when we have argue.
When i was heard it, i realize that of "how you show to your child when you have war to each other as a parent, then the child well adapt that kind of manners and attitude".

Disclaimer:its not my intention to insult or bashing this family but it just my observation of how they are and of how i notice my partners attitude he showed me.

Because for all the years(5years) i was with this family or living with them in this longer years. Many good and bad attitude i observe to this family. Actually this is my most hate of all my expectations, i was thought before that im in a good family, but i belong to the family or in laws that the wife/woman's doesn't want to livin in(did you get my point?).

The difference between his parents and him are, He(my partner) he has a special manners that need a dip patience because his manners and personality is like a puzzle to solve.,Yeah thats how he is and to his parents, i observe that their son adopt their bad attitudes like high pride, like to insult people, uhm considering the bad dids of their son and talking to you straight(they didnt have a break to tell it to you, they speak it to you even how hurt it is for you, they didnt matter with that if youre going to handle it or not).

For my 5 years of being with my partner is not that easy journey, i have a lot of sacrifices and struggles to be with him.
If you're asking why am i still here?
Answer:Because my situation is difficult and not having a job yet ,because of way back 2019 ive got pregnant to my 2nd baby and i have struggle to leave my 1st daughter because she's mama's girl. So shortly speaking i need this man to support my childs needs.
I do one time of leaving him but you know what he did? He always have a difficult to go on my home just to give me his support to our child. And He dont want to give me money if im not with his teritory and He wants you to come to him  rather than him to you.
So for short his so much full of pride. So partly speaking i dont have a choice so i became slaved in his arms just for the sake of my children. Because my family is also having not enough money to sustain us. Because my mom is just a laundries. So for the 5 years little by little God gave me an opportunity that soon i will leave and not defend to this family member over again.
My sacrifices is from emotional abuse. Its better to hurt me physically than emotionally.

So as i learned about how they are as a family. I want for my daughters to not be like them. I dont want to raise my child just like there attitudes. Although not all their making me a bad things but i think they do some goods for me at 30% the rest is bad thing they did to me. For my daughters they love them very much but in mine no need to tell.

Anyway thats it for now, so the lesson for this,
Dont show to your child of how you both quarrel because when your child grow each day and they always heard about how you fight then they will also applied it when they become adult especially if you have a son. There the one whose most adaptor and observant of your actions.

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Written by   30
2 months ago
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A child adopt on what they see. It's a parents duty and responsibilities on what attitude their children will have.

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2 months ago