How to strengthen engagement

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On your wedding day, you made a promise. The solemn promise was a lifelong commitment - a strong determination to stay with your spouse and resolve any issues that came their way.

But over the years, marital disputes have had a negative impact. Do you still feel strongly committed to your spouse?


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Commitment is like an anchor that can keep your marriage stable.

Compromise is the solution, not the problem. Today, many are skeptical of engagement. Some would compare compromise with a ball and chain that binds you to a bad decision. Instead, think of them as actions you need to take on a regular basis. One of the best things about engagement in conflict is knowing that neither you nor your spouse is standing. Having confidence that the marriage itself is safe, even when some aspects are in crisis, can provide a basis for solving your problems.

Conclusion: If you're having trouble in your marriage, it's time to strengthen your commitment, not question it. How can you do that?


Check your mind. "Married forever." Do you feel stuck or do you feel safe because of this phrase? Does the exit still appear on the horizon as a viable option in the event of problems? To strengthen your commitment, it is important to view marriage as a permanent union.

Examine your story. Your view of engagement can be influenced by what you observed in your parents.Make sure you can do things differently in your marriage. You are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of your parents!

Examine your speech. Avoid saying things that you will regret later, such as "I'm leaving you!" or "I'll find someone who appreciates me!" These statements undermine engagement and instead of spreading the topic in question, they only engage the two of you in an offensive attack. Instead of using offensive language, you can say something like, "Of course we're both upset. How can we work together to fix this?

Send clear “signs of commitment”. Keep a photo of your spouse on your desk while you work. Talk positively about your marriage to others. Make sure to call your spouse every day when you are away.By doing these acts, you will emphasize to yourself and others that you have an obligation to your husband.

Find healthy role models. Look for mature couples who have been successful in overcoming marital problems. Ask them, "What does commitment mean to you and how has it helped you in your marriage?As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens his friend.Faced with this principle, why not take the advice of those who have made your marriage successful?

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