Cool kitchen decors.

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1 recycled wood kitchen cabinet

When installing custom cabinetry, choose recycled raw wood. And good news if they are prefabricated: companies like IKEA are using more natural and environmentally friendly materials for their kitchen cabinets. From bamboo to recycled plastic bottles, the joinery takes this reduction and reuse restoration very seriously.

2 kitchen wallpaper

Although wallpaper has become less intimidating to the public over the past five years, people are still hesitant to hang it in the kitchen. If you're worried the wallpaper might stick, try something less permanent. There are many fashion designers out there who cut waste paper which are incredibly easy to put on and take off. Tip: Choose a graphic design that mimics the look of a mosaic.

3.Kitchen utensil shelves

Vintage plate racks are back in vogue in 2020. Whether on shelves or on walls, they add soul to a room and provide a real place to store and display your dishes instead of hiding them in. a cage or closet. .

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