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Small Act with Big impact

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2 days ago

We all want self improvement that's why we want knowledge, learnings, and experiences. Human as we are we pursue our self interest to the point we forget the most basic thing loving others. Actually showing love to others can help our self improvement and of course loving ourselves first will be the most factor for our self improvement.

Loving ourselves is an important part for our improvement, this is to know what we are good at and what are the things that need to improve. Without love within ourselves I don't think we can live with harmony. In addition loving ourselves is not just by knowing our weaknesses and strengths, it's also caring ourselves, we need to take care of our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

From my past articles I always highlighted our self improvement, it's because we need improvement within. Below are the lists that can help your self improvement with doing a simple things.

1. Stretching and Drinking water

In my one article I forgot to put this practices, luckily one person commented about this and yes this practice can help your physical health, it's good to stretch our bodies so that we can move freely and drinking enough glass of water can be a big help especially in this time where climate change is rising.

2. Greeting Other

This habit is very helpful to improve ourselves and building a peaceful and harmonious community, by simply saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening to someone you knew, without knowing it, it has a big impact to them. Don't be akward to greet people because you're not doing wrong to them in fact you're reminding them that it's nice to be alive.

3. Always say thank you

Perhaps some of us experienced not to say thank you to someone who helped us especially to the person we're comfortable with because we feel it's akward and it's not really necessary because you were comfortable to each other, actually that's what I felt back then but I realized that it's much better to say thank you to them because it's showing your sincerity and appreciation. In addition you can aslo say thank you to anyone who actually help or provide services to you even if you don't know them like the casher or bagger in the supermarket, the streetsweepers and others.

4. Saying "please" and "excuse me"

This practice is very simple yet some of us can't even say it, don't ever think that you are above to others always be humble to anyone you may encounter, saying please and excuse me can't even harm you, actually it's showing your respect to them.

5. Offer your help

Always offer your help to someone in need, for instance if you saw someone who have the difficulty to cross the road don't hesitate to guide him/her, some of us perhaps would just ignore and do our thing. There are a lot of things that you may provide as help by not just giving a large amount of money like, offering you chair to someone you think need it more than you do, helping someone who carried a heavy object and other help that you can provide.

6. Don't spit and throw your garbage anywhere

A lot of people I saw in the public doing these I felt disgusted, like why would you spit or throw your garbage in the public, if you can't find any trashcan then put it in your bag or in your pocket. If you're doing these in the public it's showing how undecipline you are and it's disgusting.

There are actually a lot of habit that may improve yourself, those are just one of those habit. Doing these habits doesn't not mean we want to be a perfect person with no flaws, we are doing these because we want to have a better version of ourselves even if it's in some small area like this.

Comment the things that you think can be a big help for our self improvement.

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Written by   44
2 days ago
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