Uncovering the Secret of Psychopathic Disorder From Someone

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For those of you who are Batman fans, you must be familiar with the term psychopath named Joker, right? It is said that the Joker is a psychopath, the prince of crime in Gotham City. Actually, what is a psychopath like, and is it true that psychopaths are the same as those shown in the movies?

Psychopath itself is a term that is commonly used and labeled for people who have an attitude and behavior that deviates from values ​​and norms. In short, psychopaths are bad people who will do anything to do an act that deviates from the norms, values ​​, and laws that apply wherever it is. Psychopaths are rarely used in psychological terms because currently psychopaths have been refined into antisocial behavior.

The main point of psychopaths is that they always commit crimes or fight and violate legal, social, or customary values ​​and norms regularly and are often done without any guilt or remorse at all. Although many people connote a psychopath as a vicious killer all criminal acts committed intentionally and without any remorse, can be categorized as a psychopath.

Some types of people who have psychopathic disorders will usually be very easy to do things, such as:

  • Violent murder, often called cold-blooded killer

  • Kill without orders, or kill brutally

  • Very easy to lie, and very convincing in telling lies

  • Always be calm and look very relaxed when doing something against the law, such as murder, lying, or destroying other people's property

  • Does not care about his safety, such as drunk driving, fighting traffic, and so on

The main point of psychopathic behavior is that this behavior is not only against the law, and without guilt, it is also done frequently, and repeatedly. Even after being caught and imprisoned, this psychopathic behavior will reappear, and usually, a psychopath will be very familiar with the authorities such as the police and security forces.

Psychopaths also often cause anxiety and discomfort in society. There will always be a problem, small or big, in the psychopathic environment.

Is Psychopathic Disorder Dangerous?

Technically, of course, a psychopath is very dangerous, because even we would have a hard time seeing whether he was speaking the truth or not. We also often do not know when he will do something against the law. One of the things you should do when you are interacting or in a relationship with a psychopath is to be vigilant. You never know when they will manipulate or tell a lie because they tend to have a seditious and manipulative attitude.

Detecting a Psychopath

According to John Clarke, who is also the author of The Pocket Psycho, where the book contains a guide on how to protect yourself from a psychopath, he stated that there are many male and female psychopaths around the workplace.

These psychopaths also hide through lying, manipulating, cheating, stealing, destroying, and co-workers. All of this is done without any guilt or remorse. More deeply, they also assess, those who are called organizational psychopaths thrive in the business world. This is because in the business world, the practice of injustice and lust to dominate profits thrives.

Apart from that, ambition and leadership skills are part of the competition in the business world to get more rewards through promotions, bonuses, and wage increases.

Psychopaths who are in the workplace can do all kinds of efforts to get the power, status, and wages they want. “They think like criminal psychopaths. What distinguishes between criminal and organizational psychopaths is the physical destruction of victims that characterizes criminal psychopaths, while organizational psychopaths in the workplace destroy their victims psychologically.

Common Features of Psychopathic Disorder

  1. At the beginning they will display a very attractive attitude, tend to be contrived, charming, and also spread a warm attitude. This is what makes it easy for people to believe in themselves and that belief ultimately harms or deceives the victims.

  2. Thinks himself the most important and should also be privileged. They assume that the characteristics of selfishness, basically mine, for me and so on.

  3. Often they are psychopaths show a very impulsive treatment, in which they are difficult to delay and also control emotions. Even if they have a wish then it must be done right now, otherwise, they will get angry or throw a tantrum.

  4. They have very short friendships or social relationships, often they change partners, love, or work.

  5. Often lie and cheat, to betray.

  6. Lack of responsibility for what they have done and cannot learn from experience, where mistakes are always repeated, even though they have been given warnings or punishments.

  7. They are less able to feel the feelings experienced by others, they do not care that others feel pain.

  8. Tend to always blame others rather than the mistakes he has done.

How to Diagnose a Psychopath

  1. Match the patient's personality with the criteria of psychopaths in the psychology guide

  2. Checking the health of the brain and body through scanning using a tool called an MRI, electroencephalogram, and also a step-by-step examination. This is an effort made for the accuracy of the results. This is also done because according to an imaging study, in which the results of PET (positron emission tomography) which is a comparison of normal people, with spontaneous killers, and also cold-blooded premeditated killers have shown differences in brain activity in the lower prefrontal cortex. Parts of the brain such as the frontal lobe are believed to be part of shaping personality.

  3. Conducting interviews using DSM IV which is considered successful in determining antisocial personality.

  4. Pay attention to the symptoms of the patient. Usually, this has happened since the age of 15 years. They have shown symptoms of mental disorders.

  5. Conduct psychological tests. Usually, they are psychopaths tend to have a high IQ.

How to protect yourself from people who have psychopathic disorders

  1. Pay attention to some of the symptoms of a psychopath in a person

  2. Always carry personal protective items, such as chili spray

  3. Going with friends you trust

  4. Even if you have to be alone, then you should go through a crowded place

  5. Save emergency numbers

  6. Practice martial arts to protect yourself

  7. Always do good to others

However, psychopaths still have to have the same opportunities in the social field. Therefore, if you know anyone who has psychopathic tendencies, it's a good idea to take them to a training center, so that psychopathic behavior can at least be reduced.

That was a brief explanation about psychopaths, I hope this article is very useful. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss articles about psychology and parenting. Please share this article so that this information can be known by many people. Thanks for reading and greetings

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