The reason why children become quiet

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Having active children is fun, but being active is not a bad thing. But children who are actively socializing and do not become shy or quiet children. Quiet children often make parents think hard. Because they will not want to do anything and will not say anything when something happens.

This quiet attitude must be changed so that children can have friends both at school and in the neighborhood where they live. In addition, a quiet attitude will also make it difficult for parents to know about the wishes of the child. Because they have not been able to express the expected meaning. Therefore, before talking about how to educate them, it would be nice to first know the cause.

Know the Causes of Children Being Quiet

There is always a reason why children become quiet. Know the cause so that parents can take the right action on how to educate a quiet child. Here are some examples of reasons why children become quiet.

  1. Get bullied

    Children can get into trouble at school. Pay attention to your child's attitude when it's time for school. If a child usually talks a lot then keeps quiet, then something must have happened at school. Ask slowly, why his attitude began to change.

    One of the things that might happen is that a child's attitude changes are that he is bullied at school. Bullying is behavior that is very detrimental if it occurs in children. Parents must be calm, so they can know how to properly educate quiet children due to bullying.

    There are various kinds of bullying behavior. This attitude can be physical or physiological. For some children, when exposed to bullying they will remain silent. They will even act like they are scared. As a parent, ask slowly so that the child is willing to talk about the problem at school.

  2. Broken home child

    Often children will start to feel insecure when problems occur at home. Especially problems related to his parents, such as divorce or fights. Most children will be silent. So the way to educate a quiet child will also be different when the situation is different.

    Most parents may not understand that their divorce and fights will have an impact on their children's emotions. Like a child being quiet. Parents will think that divorce is the best way for them. But, you know that children do not understand about divorce.

    Turning a child into a quiet person can have many meanings. Like angry, sad, lonely, and so forth. The silence of the children is as if they are not allowed to speak and express opinions. As a parent, you must know how to raise a quiet child, talk to your child, what he thinks, and what he wants. So that the child does not become stressed because he harbors all his feelings.

  3. Having a new sibling

    Firstborns are usually used to their parents' attention focused on them. Especially if you haven't had a sibling for a long time. When the younger brother comes, of course, they will be nervous and afraid. Although the child looks happy with the presence of a new sibling. But in their hearts, they fear that there will be no love and affection for him anymore.

    Most of them will be silent because the situation will not be easy. His parents' attention was still centered on his new sister. Even the eldest may be somewhat forgotten. Talk for a moment with your child about the situation of his new sibling who still needs more attention. How to raise a quiet child in a situation like this may be difficult for the eldest. It takes patience and patience for the eldest to understand.

After knowing the cause of the child turned quiet. So as parents start looking for ways to approach children so that they can cope with changing children's attitudes. There are various things that parents can do. Talk with your partner, so that the treatment can be appropriate.

How To Educate Quiet Children That Are Right For Parents

As a parent, you often feel confused and worried when you know your child's attitude has changed. Usually, his behavior is cheerful and talkative, turning into a taciturn. Therefore, know some ways to raise quiet children. So that the child's quiet attitude will not continue until he is older. Here's how parents can do when dealing with their child who turns quiet.

  • Take it as it comes

    There is no best attitude to educate a quiet child by accepting his attitude as it is. There is no need to force him to be the child his parents want him to be. Simply give direction to the child so that he knows that his parents are watching him. Never force the will on a quiet child, because it will be bad for the future.

    Although a quiet child, it turns out to have many advantages. Know these advantages, so you know how to raise the right quiet child. There are many advantages of a quiet child, such as he can control his emotions, care more about the environment around him, he is even more sensitive to other people's feelings.

  • Never connect the experience with what the child feels

    Often parents forget that they do not necessarily know how their children feel. Most of them conclude that they know very well how the child feels. Based on experiences that have been experienced by their parents. Such an attitude often makes children sad, because their parents will underestimate their feelings.

    The best way to raise a quiet child like that is to talk to him in private. Make sure the conversation makes the child feel comfortable. So that the child can tell all his feelings. Make a conversation with examples of experiences that have been experienced by parents and attitudes taken. Hopefully, with this conversation, the child will open up and begin to turn into a cheerful child.

  • Take a minute for the child

    Many parents are busy working reasons, so they don't have time to talk to quiet children. The conversation in question is not something that is done daily. But the conversation was special. Take a minute to talk to your child during busy times. Even if it's only 10 minutes, the conversation will probably be very valuable for the child.

  • Avoid comparing children with others

    Every child is special with their characteristics. Do you agree with this expression? As with quiet children, they certainly have advantages. Look for ways to raise the right quiet child, one of which is by not comparing himself to other children. Never corner a child's silence by forcing himself to be like other people.

    This attitude can make children more depressed so that they become stressed. Just focus on the advantages and close your eyes to the disadvantages. So that parents can accept what the child is. Remember, never compare children. Parents just don't want to be compared, let alone children.

Those are some of the causes and ways to raise quiet children. No need to be ashamed if the child becomes quiet, keep encouraging but don't force it. The way to educate quiet children is of course different from active children. However, keep in mind behind his attitude, of course, there are still many advantages. Every child is special, every child is different, so the teaching is of course different. Hope it is useful.

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I'm not sure where you have included this but a major reason that a child becomes quiet is sexual molestation or sexual abuse, often an violation that occurred because they very much loved and trusted the person who do it. Sometimes it manifests itself when a child becomes quiet and withdrawn. But it can also manifest itself by a child always being angry and BECOMING A BULLY. They are bullying others because NOBODY HAS DEFENDED THEM AGAINST ABUSE! They reason if nobody cares if they get hurt, why should they care if they hurt others.

This is a very serious topic you have written about. Parents or those who care for children (small children and teenagers) should pay close attention to changes in a child's behavior.

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1 year ago

oh yes, that's very true. Sexual abuse also causes children to become silent and moody. they dare not tell adults. This is the most important reason and I forgot to include it. thank you very much for your feedback.

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1 year ago