Revealing the Secret Mechanism of Mind in Life

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Even though the campus is on leave, I still repeat every lesson that has been given to the lecturers at my campus. tonight I have reread the material on "the mechanism of the mind in life". In this article, I will also provide information from what I have learned on campus before.

Here I will reveal the veil, a secret mechanism of the mind in life. You must be wondering, why everything that has been stored in the subconscious mind can become permanent until it finally affects all actions or behavior. The answer: not sure

I will give a classic example that often happens in everyday life.

Try to remember some time ago, when you first learned to read and write when you were in elementary school. Some students quickly grasp and apply it, but some students have to repeat for months to be able to understand, by repeating the same lesson until finally, they can do it.

The question is: what is taught by the teacher is different for each student? The answer: of course not

So, this is where the question finally arises. What is it that causes this to happen? Why in a phenomenon that occurs can instill different values?

Critical Area Mechanism

Indeed, everything that has been described by the teacher is recorded in the memory of the subconscious mind of the students. However, not all students can immediately instill it and it also takes a relatively long time to make it a permanent value.

This is caused by a system in the mind of every human being which is a filter between the conscious and the subconscious. The filter is also called the reticular activating system (RAS) or also called the critical area.

The critical area has a function to filter out any information that will enter the conscious mind into the subconscious mind so that not all data can become a permanent value that can affect actions. This is very positive because it is very dangerous if it is not filtered which can filter both.

As an example, let's say last year you took public transportation, and you had an accident so that you were finally afraid to take public transportation. The next day you take a taxi, but unfortunately, you have a similar accident, so you are afraid to take a taxi too. Then you decide to take a motorcycle taxi the next day, but unfortunately again, you have the same accident.

If all the events that have happened become something permanent for you and are not filtered, surely you will never dare to ride any vehicle. However, there is something that can penetrate the filter. One of them is repetition or repetition. Information thought, speech, and also an action that has been received and carried out repetition is very possible to create a permanent value.

In addition, it can also be done by taking a hypnosis approach, whether it is done by hypnotists or hypnotherapists even if you do it yourself, which is called self-hypnosis.

Influencing Reps

Data that comes from information, speech, thoughts, and also habits that will be carried out every day will be stored properly in the memory of the subconscious mind. Then it is applied in the subconscious mind so that over time it is possible to create an accumulation that can occur due to a continuous repetition of data, which can then create values ​​that can influence a person's behavior.

Here I will give an easy example, how a habit, both thought, and speech can affect a person's behavior and character.

Pay attention to people who have lived in the village by doing farming activities, from generation to generation (in other words, heritage from the culture of their parents and ancestors). When they decide to move from the village to the city and eventually become successful, usually he will one day return to his hometown and build a house or buy a plot of land for assets in his old age. Or if he stays in the city, they will buy a house that has a very large yard in front or behind his house.

With that, they also carry out activities that they used to do when they were young (personal or family experiences), namely farming, even though it's just flowers. They are reminded of the values ​​that have been instilled since childhood, although not absolutely all events are the same.

Characteristics and character are greatly influenced by the values ​​embedded in their subconscious mind, whether it is through thoughts, speech, or from their daily actions so that rather than that, they will unwittingly influence their behavior in life.

The next easiest way to find out is to try to pay attention to the difference between Americans and Asians. Apart from the different territories, of course, the way of thinking and also the character is also different. Each of the existing cultures is a collection of values, ethics, advice (speech), etiquette, and also local thoughts that will be received every day to form character.

Apart from repetition, environmental factors also affect the values ​​that have been embedded in a person's subconscious mind which he has experienced repeatedly.

What can affect a person's success is not solely from the educational background or the social status of the family, but the most influencing thing is the character and behavior of the person.

Even though they are in the same place and space, they will have a difference in terms of values ​​and thoughts. The character of behavior is also a result of values ​​that have been embedded, as well as thoughts and habits that have occurred repeatedly.

Examples of Repetition in Life

Here is an example of a habit that has undergone repetition; try to pay attention to someone who is talking to his friend while he plays the keypad and also the cellphone. Even though he was not focused on his cellphone, but miraculously he was still able to write a few sentences correctly even though his eyes didn't see it.

Each value that has been created will later be able to influence the belief system and also from one's self-image. Because value is a collection of supporting data for the creation of these two things.

For example: is when a Muslim hears the word Allah, he will spontaneously say that Allah is the great essence as the creator of the entire universe. But if you have different religions and beliefs, for example, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., hearing the word Allah, he will say that Allah is the god of Muslims.

Well, this belief system cannot be created just like that. It has started from the values ​​that have been instilled by parents, religious teachers, family, or some supporting information so that it becomes a permanent value. And also usually after this belief system is created, this is what affects self-image in everyday life.

Those are some things that I can understand about the role of the conscious and subconscious mind which will greatly affect the actions or character of a person, which of course will also affect the life of every human being.

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Repetition and environmental factors that's the key. Nice article

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