Impact And How To Manage Stress To Live A Healthier Life

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Maybe all of us here have felt stress, both light and heavy. This stress can happen to anyone. Even if it is not handled properly it can cause problems and even cause disease. Therefore, it is necessary to understand managing and dealing with stress so that it does not have a bad effect on health.

Impact of Stress

This stress can have many consequences. The impact of stress can even affect the health of the body. I have read several health articles dealing with health problems caused by stress. We should avoid behaviors that can lead to stress to avoid the disease below.

  • Sexual Function Becomes Disturbed

    This stress has an impact on the unstable hormone cortisol. The result is that it can affect sex hormones in men, one of which is the hormone estrogen. Resulting in the emergence of various disorders such as premature ejaculation to impotence.

  • Occurrence of Skin Disorders

    This stress can also cause skin problems, such as acne. Which of these can also affect your appearance, even some health experts have said that stress can also cause eczema and psoriasis skin disorders. Not only on the skin but also can affect the hair, because it can cause permanent loss.

  • Disturbing Menstruation

    Stress can also affect a person's menstrual cycle. The female hormone estrogen will experience disruption if the hormone cortisol in the body increases. Usually, there are those whose menstruation becomes obstructed due to stress. However, there are also those whose menstruation does not stop because of this stress.

  • Obesity And Eating Disorders

    Stress can also cause obesity because some people do how to manage stress by eating blindly as an outlet for stress. Obesity can result in cardiovascular disorders (heart, stroke, high blood pressure to heart disease).

    There is also a result of stress does not want to eat because of stress. These disorders will of course also have an impact on health. For example, it makes stomach acid rise to become an ulcer. Or there can be disturbances in the intestines, causing typhus, gastritis, GERD, or other intestinal disorders.

    This stress can also cause mental disorders, including personality disorders, anxiety, or if prolonged can make depression. How to manage stress due to mental disorders should be by asking for help from an expert. For example, by asking for help from a doctor or psychiatrist.

  • Headache

    Headaches are the most common and immediate cause of the brain being too hard to think. It can be treated for example with pain medication, but if done frequently, of course, it can also be risky. When stress hits and causes dizziness or headaches, try to take deep breaths or relax by massaging the sore area.

  • Causes Sleep Disorders

    Sleep disturbances (insomnia) are a result of many disturbing thoughts. How to manage stress due to this disorder can be by taking sleeping pills. But also not good if done continuously. You can pray before going to bed, or if you have a problem then solve it before bedtime.

How to Manage Stress

There are many ways to reduce or prevent stress. I've summarized six ways to manage the stress that I've collected from several health books and also discussed them with friends who focus on health psychology. Below are some methods that you can try to reduce the stress you are facing.

  1. confide

    The easiest way to manage stress is to confide. This vent is conveying or telling about the complaints that are being experienced. Telling other people the burden on your mind will also be reduced and can make you feel more relieved.

  2. Exercising

    This exercise has many benefits. Not only makes the body healthy, but also able to relieves and reduces stress. This exercise can help the muscles in the body relax. That way the mind becomes distracted with the movements performed during exercise. This sport is enough with light and simple movements or it can also be done by cycling and so on.

  3. Meditation

    Meditation is a process that can be used as a way of managing stress, calming yourself down, and focusing on nature, such as yoga. Do this yoga for at least 15 minutes a day. For Muslims, meditation can be done by doing dhikr or praying. Or it could be by reading the Qur'an. Both of which can make the mind calm and focus on surrendering to the Almighty.

    Meditation mentioned above can help reduce the hormone cortisol (stress hormone). This will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. The calmer the soul and mind, the more purposeful and more grateful in living life will be. The point is to make the mind comfortable and slow.

  4. Keep yourself busy

    Try to do fun activities or activities as a way to manage stress. These fun activities are activities that you enjoy or can also be related to your hobbies. There are so many activities that you can try, for example singing, gardening, cooking or other fun activities. Activities that produce feelings of pleasure can increase the production of the hormone dopamine (the happy hormone).

    The more dopamine, the more relaxed the mind will be. But what needs to be emphasized here is that these activities are positive. Do not do activities that are fun but harm the environment or can trigger other problems.

  5. Focus On The Present Life

    How to manage stress, you should not be too long dissolved in a sad event. You must immediately move on and open a new life. Try to keep going and don't be afraid to fail. Because the prolonged sadness can trigger the hormones in the brain to become hard in carrying out their functions.

    Think positive in living life in front of your eyes. Even if your current life is also hard, try to be grateful for the little things. For example, with the pleasure of having complete limbs, healthy pleasures, and so on. Living your present life with joy is also able to have a positive effect and your future life will be better too.

  6. Implementing a Healthy Life

    How to manage stress can also be done by implementing a healthy life. A healthy body will produce a healthy soul and mind. Healthy living greatly affects aspects of life, one of which is mental health. By living a healthy life, the food that enters the body is also controlled.

    From these healthy foods, substances that are absorbed by the body will certainly make all scientific processes in the body better. One of them is hormones that affect the way of thinking (mental person). Therefore, it is very important in choosing what to eat or drink in the body.

There are many ways to manage the stress that can be tried and applied, you can try which one is the easiest and most suitable to be applied. So never take stress for granted or even let it drag on. The result will be even worse. If all methods have been tried, but the results have not been felt, immediately consult and come to a psychiatrist or psychological expert.

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We are not born with the stressful life, it is created by how we live, how we think, the choices we make daily. When we understand how to manage stress and improve our quality of life, feel less fear, feel more joy and find out an internal sense of peace in a very short period of time, there will be no stress.

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1 year ago

It is impossible that a living human would not feel stress. In life, stress will be experienced by humans. But if someone is able to manage stress, then stress is just a trivial thing if it can be managed properly

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1 year ago

Problem is if it's the neighbors causing the stress due to staying home most of the time. There are just some inconsiderate people. Always noisy and even have roosters all over the place! Ugh.

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1 year ago

You can talk nicely to your neighbors.

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1 year ago

Nope, doesn't work at all. Done that several times already for more than one year. I already did everything to no avail. Only God can work His miracles now.

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1 year ago

If you live in a legal country, you can report it to the police or the authorities. If you don't want that, you have only 2 options: stay and listen to the noise or move

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1 year ago

Yeah exactly, I will be moving soon. I already have plans to move within the year. :)

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1 year ago

nice choice

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