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1 year ago

"Things end but memories last forever"

We all have our memories from each day that had passed in our lives. Memories that brought us tears, smiles, and leave an impact to us. But let me share some particular memories that I had. Well, here it goes...

When I was a kid, Sunday was the best day for me. It was the day that our family is complete(It was before my mom and papa separated). As I was saying, we were complete, from my Uncles to Aunts, and cousins. We would all go to church, wearing our Sunday best outfit. I remember my outfit every time we go to church. I was wearing an all-white dress with matching white shoes. And my hair was tied up with white ribbon. I feel so pretty every time. I also remember having an umbrella with ruffles. I really feel so pretty, and I feel like a princess.

I think our religion that time was Baptist. I remember children were separated from adults. We have our own Bible study, I had so many friends back then. We were singing, doing an artwork. We also have a free meal.

The church was so beautiful and it has a wide space. It has beautiful flowers and also had a not so big fishpond. We were having a break time once, then I went to the fishpond to look at the goldfish in it. I was trying to reach the fish when my hand slipped and I fell into the pond. I was so afraid and I thought I was going to die. Then suddenly, someone grabbed me and pulled me up. I cried so hard. Then I saw some of the kids laughing. After that we went home. I was scolded by my Lola while I was crying. My sisters and cousins were teasing me that time. That was so memorable to me because I thought I was gonna die.

Another memory that I cannot forget was when I was in an accident with my Aunt. I think I was 7 and my Aunt was 12 or 13 years old. My grandmother told us to buy something at the local market nearby. She told me to accompany her and of course I said yes because I love going outside. She was riding a bike while I was riding at the back. When its time for us to go home, I accidentally bump my head on the handle of the bicycle,which has no cover. I suddenly feel a blood rushing out from the wound. I cried so loud that my Aunt panicked. She took me home and while we were on the road, people were staring at us, worried because blood was all over my face. When we arrived at the house, my Lola was shouting like what happened hysterically so my Uncle took me to the hospital to get me treated. I think I had a few stitches on my head. After that I never went outside riding bicycle with my Aunt.

Another Sunday memory for me was when I was 11 or 12 I think. We were living in Taytay, Rizal that time. Just like every other Sunday, my sister and I was washing all our clothes. And by "all" I mean all of the clothes in our house, from my Titos and Titas up to my cousins. As you can see, we were an extended family. So just like always, my sister Katy and me always joke around while washing the clothes. It is our way to lessen the heavy work. We always had a good laugh and would finish washing late afternoon because most of the time we were chatting and playing around.

There is this moment when we were having fun playing the bubbles and were laughing. I really can't remember the topic but here it goes. I suddenly asked her,

Are you an idiot?

And then she said,

Yes, bakit?

After hearing that, I laughed so hard and she also laughed with me, and then I asked her,

Alam mo ba kung ano ang idiot?

Then she replied,

Hindi, ano ba yung idiot?

And then after that I laughed as if I was going to die laughing, and she also laughed with me, HAHAHAHAHA. Then she asked,

Ano ba yung idiot?

I told her that it means stupid. And then she said,

Ah, yun ba yun

And then she laughed, HAHAHAHAHA.

Up to now, every time we met and talked about it, we still had a good laugh.

After I graduated high school, I started to work. I did not continue my study and decided to work to help my sisters and also for me. I had so many work before, I worked in a restaurant as assistant cook. I also worked in Burger machine, I don't know if you still remember the burger machine food store. But it was popular that time and you can see it almost everywhere.

While I was working in a restaurant, I was the only girl. I was 17 years old at that time. It was a stay-in job so it was convenient for me because I don't need to rent. My co-workers were all kind and treat me very well. And also my employer was also kind. Though my salary was low, like 3 thousand a month. One of my co-worker had a crush on me. He told me that I was cute and that he likes me. He was not my type so I ignored him. And also having a boyfriend is not my priority that time. I was focused on earning some money.

Then one evening, I was preparing to go to bed. I was so tired that day because we had a catering service for a wedding. While I was about to sleep, I suddenly hear the door knob twisting like someone was trying to open the door. I immediately turned on the light and saw my co-worker about to enter my room. I asked him in a loud voice what was he doing in my room. He said that he wants to talk to me. But I said no because I can see that he was drunk. I screamed so loud that my other co-workers went to my room and asked what happened. I told them everything and they took the man out in my room. I was so traumatized that time that I could not sleep. The next morning, that man was fired.

These memories were unforgettable because most of it scare the hell out of me😶. What about you, what are you memories that leave a big impact on you?

I had so memories that was not included in this article. I might write a part two on this depending on the likes that I would get. So let me know if you want to hear more of my unforgettable memories!❤

Thank you for reading! @Luna09

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Written by   43
1 year ago
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This was a journey. Its like Ive been with you in all of these unforgettable moments of yours. The situation that really caught my attention was that one with your co worker. That is so scary as hell. I am just glad that nothing happened and that you are okay. I would love to read a part 2 of this.

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1 year ago

Well, it was indeed. It scares the hell out of me. I never thought that he would do that because he was a good person. Maybe the liquor gave him the nerve to do that. Thank you for your time reading this.

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1 year ago

Im just glad you are okay and doing well. You are welcome by the way. 😉

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1 year ago

Well, it is an experience that definitely gave a lesson to me, and that is to lock my door every time😂

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1 year ago