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Filipino Traits That Would Make You Proud

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We Filipinos are not perfect but despite our imperfections, we have lots of traits that make us admirable to other nations. What makes us Filipinos great people? What kind of great people make the Philippines a great country?


This is one of the popular traits of us Filipinos. We are usually friendly and welcoming to our guests. Thanks to the Filipinos hospitality, the Philippines is one of the most favorite destinations of tourists who seek to enjoy the marvelous beauty of nature and the innate friendliness of our people. In addition, most Filipinos can understand and speak English, the universal language making it easier for tourists to connect and communicate.

Adaptability and Resilience

The Philippines is a tropical country by the Pacific Ocean and is a part of the Ring of Fire. So aside from experiencing monsoons and tropical storms, we also encounter many earthquakes. But despite all the calamities that the Filipinos go through, we stay resilient and persistent. We get back on our feet with or without help from the government. Not only that, Filipinos do adapt to any type of environment and mingle with any kind of people all over the world.

Resourcefulness and Creativity

We Filipinos are known for ingenuity. We are creative in so many ways whether it's in art, music, Sceince, technology or business. Despite lack of financial resources and poverty, many can come up with brilliant ideas. Several of us are also good in recycling trash and turned them into ingenious and useful products.


The Filipinos are very faithful people. Whatever our religion is, we remain grounded and we don't lose hope for a better future. Faithfulness and hoprfulness keep Filipinos kind, positive, peaceful and determined to achieve goals no matter how difficult they may seem.

Bayanihan ( Unity in Spirit)

Many Filipinos especially those in the province are in close relationships with neighbors. Made be barangays or subdivisions, the people in the neighborhood usually know each other and bond with each other, help and protect each other. Most communities and families are even organizing lively and colorful fiestas, festivals and local events by helping hand in hand to make sure that our visitors will have a great experience.


Thought there are Filipinos who are living beyond their means, there are also many Filipinos who are frugal to save money for important future use. We shop wisely and tend to huddle a lot. We are very conscious of prices, discounts, and quality of products we but to get the most out of our money. Filipino parents sacrifice buying for themselves just to save money to buy for their children's stuffs instead.


Fikipinos are known to be courteous, Being a children, being younger at age, or just being at a lower position. We use the word "Po and Opo" to show respect to someone. We also do the "Mano po" gesture or by bringing the back of the hand of an elder to one's forehead as a sign of respect to our elders. We also use the words like "ate" and "kuya" to call our elder siblings , whille "Tito" and "Tita" to our uncle and aunt or to not so related elders. Furthermore, Filipino workers often use the words "Sir" or "Ma'am" in addresing their customers to show humility and honor in serving them.


Filipinos are willing to make huge sacrifices just to give the family greener pastures for the future. Most breadwinners work extraordinary hard just to earn money to support their family. Furthermore, many are even willin to work abroad just to achieve such goals. We valued our family so much that we keep it intact through the generations. We make sure to have quality time together with our families during holidays and day-offs oe even after a day's work.

Sense of Humor

Filipinos seemed to be able to smile despite many problems we face. Not even typhoons or other natural disasters can seem to take away the jolliness that many of us have. In spite of tragedy after tragedy, we remain positive and hopeful. Joking around to firget our problems. From comedy films and shows, we Filipinos love a good laugh and good beers to go with us. This is as far as one can see humor is evident in our culture.

Discretion and Dignity

Conceivably, many of our politicians lack "delikadesa" but many of our people still observe the "delikadesa," Thinking twice or thrice before making any decisions that can affect our dignity and honoir is a habit. Thanks to our honorable parents who raised us up with high moral standards.


It is natural for us not to forget anyone who helped us whether he or she is a co Filipno or not. We have this what we call "utang na loob" where our gratitude extends to doing things above and beyond as a show of thanks. We even build monum ents to show our utmost respect and gratitude to our heroes and other foreign personalities who help the Filipino people.

Honesty and Commitment

Most of us Pinoys believes that fulfilling a promise to others means a great self-fulfilliment. Even if we end up undermining ourselves, we try our best to keep these promises.

Generousity and Helpfulness

Despite of being small country, we still grant aids to other nations in times of need. We even send our courageous soldiers to other countries to help in preserving world peace. Even though we have very little, we always share with those around us to help strangers or to sevre either global or local community.

Every country has its differing values and stereotypes, and the Philippines is no exception. Filipinos firmly believe that their country has the best values in the world. Although they have been colonized by several countries, many core values from their ancestors remained intact and are still honored to this day.

Proud to be Pinoy!

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Written by   43
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Topics: Philippines
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All of those mentioned above are absolutely true. However, the government romanticizes the resiliency of the Filipinos and just sits on their chairs without providing solutions. The poor people who work hard the most are poorly compensated. It's just frustrating. 💔🤦‍♀️

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Sad but true, maasahan lang naman ang mga yan pag malapit na eleksyoin.

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