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3 months ago
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Creating my own story has always been one of my bucket list items.

The only problem is, I never had the urge to start. The drive to take an idea and go all the way to the end by actually finishing the story. It's a difficult process.

Truth be told, I already started several times before and even got a couple of drafts done but after contemplating for days on end, I decided to get rid of it. I was just never content with what I wrote and what I wanted to write.

Every time I started, I quickly lost touch with my story after a few chapters. After all, it's not easy to create something on your own without any prior experience.

To begin with, it's important to know where your motivation comes from. For me, it began with my passion for entertainment. Reading a great book or awesome comic, watching a crazy movie or an exciting TV series. There was always the need to find a new source of entertainment that interested me.

Until...I couldn't find any more.

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I love great stories but not having a new story ready after one is finished annoyed me immensely. Plus, I had my issues with the plot or characters in some stories I took interest in.

So, I decided that it would be great to create it myself. Like that, I have control over it all.

The only problem that remained was what to write.

It had to be original, exciting with great characters, unexpected twists and a plot that swallowed the audience whole. In short, a story that would be too difficult for an amateur to write.

Or would it?

I wanted to do it anyway and decided to prepare.

First step, brainstorming.

I had a fantasy story in mind that played in a modern magic society but was still modern and relatable to the real world. A form of magical realism that made it simple and uncomplicated. Next, I built characters from the ground up. Not too many, just a small bunch that were all connected and had different roles. I had to stay simple but interesting. They had to be memorable.

At last, the conflict.

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What drives every good story is the conflict that develops and drives the plot. The characters needed something to do and it had to be important. Otherwise, everything would fall apart.

With that, the settings and ideas were established. What remains is the execution. The writing that makes it complete and also the most difficult part of the process.

After writing the first few chapters, I've now arrived here. The main characters are introduced and the conflict is established, setting the momentum of the plot for the coming chapters. However, I haven't gotten that far yet.

With this article, I wanted to set a mark for the beginning of this project - writing and finishing a story. Maybe even give others the motivation to start as well.

Regarding how the the journey continues...I will be there later.

The story spoken of in this article "Clumsy Evil" will be uploaded in the future. Please support it at that time.

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3 months ago
Topics: Book, Writing