The Only Thing You Need To Fight Bad Luck, the Devil and Demons!

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Many people don't know how they can stop and avoid being under the invisible spell of the devil and demons. Whichever name the bad spirits go by, (Satan, elementals, Belzebub, fallen angels, or whatever) it is no match for the life hack that you will learn today! 💪

Why am I sharing this? Well a writing community asked about a life hack that's life changing. And what is more life changing than being safe from all the sinister beings in our world?

All you will read below has helped me a lot, my life definitely changed for the better! Now everything feels easier and lighter. No more super bad luck too! I didn't think doing these would change anything but it truly did! If you read my previous posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) you will understand what I'm talking about.

Are you ready to find out the "secrets" most people are unaware of? Truly I had no idea about these before. Only when I asked and found things online did I know what to do.

Do you want to have an invisible armor around yourself and your loved ones against every evil in this world? Well then, let's start!

Call on God and Pray these Prayers!

First of all it is important to ask God for help. Even if one does not ask for forgiveness of sins or repentance yet before praying, it is still acceptable.

Remember these are "shortcuts" or life hacks. Actually you can do these 3 things last and do the ones after these first. It doesn't matter the order as long as your intention is to be safe from bad luck, depression, mental health issues, financial problems or even illnesses caused by malevolent spirits.

Praying these doesn't mean one should continue living a sinful life though. More on that later. But of course calling on the Lord is always the first step in order to be safe from all the evil of this world. Generally this is the case. 😉

Again, you can start with the songs down below but I will share these 3 prayers now before anything else.

What to pray? Here's a few that definitely helped me.

1. Prayer against every evil, prayer of deliverance

You can click here to read and pray it.

2. Consecration of our belongings to Mama Mary.

Our blessed Mother can help keep us and our belongings safe from evil. You can read the prayer here.

3. Last but not the least!

Apparently, this powerful prayer can be found in the Catholic Handbook of Deliverance Prayers by Fr. Jose Francisco "Jocis" C. Syquia. The Director of the Archdiocese of Manila Office of Exorcism. This can be bought via St. Pauls Bookstore here in the Philippines.

Alternatively, for Filipinos you can also add and pray this:

If You Feel It's Not Enough, Oh But Wait There's More!

Now as mentioned, the above are just some of the prayers you can say. After you sincerely and honestly pray them, definitely you will notice something.

If you only have a minor influence from the devil or demons, all of the above can definitely help anyone. However if you are deeply entrenched and blinded by them, it will take more than that to be free. An example of a major influence is demonic possession. That can only be resolved by an exorcism from a Roman Catholic priest.

Anyway, whether you are a Christian or not, I invite you to try the above prayers and see what happens. You can even add the Lord's Prayer, Apostle's Creed, Hail Mary's and Glory Be's.

And here's the bonus. This is another "secret" that will make the devil/demons flee from you. Any Catholic priest (or probably even deacons or seminarians but I'm not sure) can tell you these are effective in driving away the evil spirits wherever you are. Why? I'll tell you below.

1. Play Gregorian chants of the Lord's Prayer and the Rosary by Benedictine monks.

There are plenty of places to find these kinds of songs online. On YouTube alone you can find a lot of these. For example, here's what I use:

2. Play other Gregorian chant songs plus other Catholic prayers all day long.

The reason why these are effective is because the demons and devils absolutely hate Gregorian songs. This is what I found out from Fr. Chad Ripperger, a Catholic priest who is one of the known exorcists online. From all his years of experience, this is one of the advice he mentioned. If you doubt it then try it and discover how powerful God, Jesus and Mama Mary truly is.

According to the same priest and other exorcists like him, the devil/demons abhor Mama Mary. This is why calling on Her will protect you from any worldly and spiritual malevolence.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Her feast day is every June 27th. source

Even your guardian angel is stronger than any evil being. Do a quick search online and see what I mean.

One More Thing, Here's a Warning or DISCLAIMER:

Actually the above are only some of the shortcuts I can tell you so that evil beings will leave you alone. But then again as I mentioned earlier, if you continue to sin and do evil things, the devil will come back to you with a vengeance.

I used to pray a lot but just normal prayers and it felt like it had no effect. Nothing at all! But then I played the songs once or twice and wow I noticed finally something changed! But still it wasn't enough. I had to pray the 3 prayers above and more in order to finally be safe and secure! Repentance, confession and going to mass regularly is also important!

In truth, if you only pray and don't do any internal change in your daily life, the protection will only be temporary. As mentioned the malevolent beings will make your life harder as a form of revenge.

If you have read my 3 part blogs linked above, you'll know I was really not doing well at all a year or so since the pandemic. And then I discovered all of the above, plus I became a better Catholic so now everything is so much nicer than before. Praise God. 🙏

I finally feel and live more peacefully like nothing bad ever happened. Of course my life is still not perfect but it is rosier than ever.

As a warning, let me just say this again

If you continue sinning against God, including practicing witchcraft, going to faith healers (albularyo) or witch doctors, doing New Age and occult things, following Feng Shui activities and other things, you can be sure the devil and demons will stay with you.

Even if you do the above but do not renounce the demons and devils plus the activities associated with them, they will not leave completely. In fact those beings will even retaliate or "punish" you later on. That is according to Fr. Ripperger, Fr. Jocis Syquia and the other Catholic exorcist priests.

So now that you are aware, beware and take care.

The war for our souls is real.

You might not see it but it is definitely happening. For sure you can see some signs of it everywhere. Plenty of evidence can be seen online and offline.

Unfortunately if you are already under the invisible spell of the evil ones, you will be blind to it. Why? Because if those bad spirits truly "show themselves" to you, you will definitely come running back to God. And they don't want that to happen, ever! This is why they will do everything in their power to keep you blind and ignorant.

Think about this: Why will the devil/demons bother "disturbing" or harassing you if and when they already have you in the bag? Haha.

Anyway, that's all and I hope this helps you all. If you know of other life hacks like these feel free to share! 🙏


* * *

Images used are from Unsplash and Pixabay.

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Here in our province, some folks still rely on quack doctors. Even my family too. But, no one can beat the Power of God and Prayers.

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6 months ago

Amen. God is all powerful.

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5 months ago

Yes! HE IS!

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5 months ago

Some people are still nelieving in "Albularyo", mostly in provinces.

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6 months ago

Yeah because they don't know what will really happen to them.

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6 months ago