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1 year ago

Good morning from Nigeria everyone. I hope each and everyone of us woke up in good health and shape and are already preparing for the tasks ahead of the day. Today is sunday and it also seems to be quite sunny too despite we being in the harmattan season. It has been blowing for two months now but today seems quite different. Very few people have their sweaters on.

So folks, I wrote an introductory post yesterday in which I introduced myself. I hope the very few people who read it enjoyed it. Special thanks to @erdov and @Abubakar for reading and thank you for the upvote. *smiles.

Today is my second day on readcash and it just keeps getting better and better, furthering my explorations I took a look at the communities and how they work. I also came to realise that there is a community known as NaijaWazobia for Nigerians!! I was very thrilled by this as I did not think there will be much Nigerians in the forum to the extent of even creating a community!! Greetings to my fellow Nigerians!!

Furthering my exploration, I also found a community for Filipinos. It seems we also have alot of them here. I have always loved the Phillipines for similar reason I love Nigeria: the diversity. I have learnt that there are alot of languages spoken there also and they still live happily together. I am a person who loves and craves diversity and in fact, I plan on touring the world when I have enough money and I will work extra hard to acheive that. I love seeing how big the world is and see things from the perspective of different people all over the world. Looking forward to many more meanuingful interactions with you all.

So, what do I have to write about today? From my first paragraph, I talked about today being a very special day. Sunday. So friends, what do you do on a Sunday especially during a sunny one like mine? The festive air of the new year is still very much present so I guess it is going to be a very special one for everyone. As for me, I have not really much to do because it is holidays and I really have to start preparing for resumption. School is resuming on the 4th of this month so it is that near. I do not have much friends around here so I might as well engage well in readcash today if something does not come up to ruin my plans. What do you plan to do today? Any proper ideas on how to make Sunday more enjoyable? Feel free to drop your invaluable comments and suggestions. Thanks very much for reading!

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Nice to meet you, LucidBeing and welcome to! Sunday for me is family day. Most of the time, we're just in the house and sometimes, we're at the beach chillin :)

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thank you very much Bloghound. Sunday is indeed a day for rest.

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