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Is it better to go with a premium or unleaded engine?

Premium and unleaded are still the most commonly used terms to describe the two grades of gasoline in the Philippines. These same people still believe that unleaded gasoline has a low octane rating, whereas premium gasoline has a higher octane rating.

For starters, here's the first piece of information: Leaded gasoline is no longer available in the Philippines. Unleaded gasoline is currently available in all forms.

We'll get to that in a moment. The terms "premium" and "normal" are more appropriate at this time. This is not premium or unleaded.

The next bit of information is that premium fuel has a higher octane rating than standard fuel. As long as they're unleaded

Here's another myth concerning octane ratings:. People believe that higher-octane fuel is more potent than lower-octane fuel.

Finally, we arrive to the fourth piece of information. Fuel efficiency is more important than power for determining an octane rating. The goal is to match the engine's compression ratio. The compression ratio of the typical automobile or motorcycle that we ride to work or school each day is low. Consequently, they don't require high octane fuel to power them. It is highly suggested that drivers of these cars only use standard unleaded gasoline (which we wrongly call "unleaded").

The engines in sports cars and motorcycles are powerful. Their engines' compression ratios are extremely high. High compression inside the combustion chamber promotes pre-ignition, which results in piston knocks, if normal gas is used. And engine damage is caused by piston knocks.

High compression engines can produce pre-ignition, however this is prevented by the octane in the gasoline. Since of the higher octane in premium gas (which we incorrectly refer to as "leaded"), premium gas is required for high-performance engines because pre-ignition is prevented.


Low Octane = Low Compression.

High Octane is the result of a high compression ratio.

Don't use premium if your car isn't a sports car. Your automobile is going to work. However, it will have no effect on the power of your engine in any way. In the end, you'll just be one of the many people who waste money on fuel they don't use. Don't use standard oil if your vehicle is a high-performance model. You'll end up with a smashed engine and a swollen wallet thereafter.

Don't mention premium or unleaded either. To put it another way, premium and regular are two different things. Due to the fact that all gasoline is now unleaded.

Hope this was useful.

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Thank you for this information, I'm not expert about gasolines but it's nice reading your article to acquire more knowledge about it for future reference.

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