How to acquire peaceful LIFE?

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First, what is the goal of peace?

Security? Like states seeking peace for border security?


A calm life? 


For the simple reason that we are all human, we cannot feel “secured forever” even in eternal peace.

And all our other anxieties are gone, when our everyday peace is restored, one fear remains silent: the fear of dying. We all know that no matter how quiet we are, we will die eventually, whether we want to or not. It's just that we forget after getting caught up in life. So even if you have nothing to fear, your hidden fear of death will surface and bother you.


Also, even in the moment of ultimate inner peace, we are exposed to external threats to our lives and property. You can enjoy your coffee in the woods, but a tiger can shred your head off. So inner peace does not guarantee a peaceful, secure life.

Peace is not a means to a secure life. Peace is meant to relieve difficulties so you may focus your time, energy, and resources on what matters most. Peace allows you to commit yourself so totally to something that you no longer care about security. Peace is a pause in life, before diving deep into the ocean of existence.

Then, and only then, can your chaotic life attain some "stability?" To construct a fulfilling life requires this solid-state. Isn't it impossible to build in an earthquake?


So, think of peace and beyond it.


A successful life does not bring peace. After 60, you think you've earned peace, but that's retirement. You retired from active life. That's war. If this is peace to you, it should have happened 40 years ago, when your life was just beginning. When you were building your life. Because peace is the cornerstone of prosperity. Can you do well when agitated? Like an enraged or depressed soul? No. To accomplish meaningful work, you need a bit of peace. That's peace's worth.


So, peace of mind means focusing on the important things in life. Peace of mind implies clearing your mind of needless and uncontrollable thoughts.


Can you paint a good picture on a little, unclean canvas? No. You need some room to move your tools. Then you may paint it. The same goes for our minds. It needs a place to work alone and calmly.


In fact, we lack this most. The mental calmness and relaxation required to begin something truly worthwhile. So we are continually on the lookout for new thrills, sensational things and activities, and stimulating sources. We are continually hustling, daydreaming, and blinding ourselves with temporary distractions to forget about our life imbalances.


So, let go of the idea that your ultimate goal is serenity. No. Your ultimate desire is peace. That's nice. Then, and only then, can you work towards achieving a joyful state of mind by doing something significant in life?

Now you may wonder what I meant by "meaningful" in life. Not only that but it's a challenge

No. The objective of life isn't to drive out random challenges. Rather, only a predetermined purpose may set a direction and a goal. Then you can start pushing the obstacles in your way.

Aside from that, most issues and adversities in life are caused by humans themselves via overburdening. Their own intelligence becomes a hindrance to growth, as it gets overly preoccupied with negative and unneeded thoughts.


To grow your life, you must remove the weeds that encircle it. Peace is the base. And life's objective is to mature your tree's fruit.

If you have the energy and passion to fight for anything, it is not your burden, and it cannot be removed. But if you feel drained by life, you need to clear your mind and life of the clutter.

Let go does not simply letting go of challenges. That which prevents you from taking on big problems is letting go. Life's real challenges.

Be brave. Take risks. Life's challenges matter to you. And let go of problems for sensations. That's when you're relaxed.

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I remember one of my teachers saying something like "peace is not the absence of trouble, but how we respond to or live with it." These are not the exact words, but this is how I understood it.

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