Don't let your dreams be dreams

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People come to deal with the reality that their lives have been a sham as they near the end of their days. As they neared the end of their lives, 100 elderly patients were asked to reflect on their biggest life regrets as part of a hospital study.

As a rule of thumb, they expressed regret over what they didn't do rather than what they did. The goals they never achieved and the dangers they avoided.


What will you say to yourself at the end of the day?

Ever pause ask yourself, why you're here?

It's never a good idea to take anything for granted in life. Do not pay your rent until the weekend has passed.

Do you have the courage to do what it takes to pursue the dream that has been calling out to you?

Will you let it slip away from you?

In case you weren't aware, I recently discovered an interesting truth regarding airplanes. "Standing on the ground is more risky than flying," a pilot told me when I inquired about the percentage of his passengers who believe flying in a plane is perilous. "What is it, and how does it sound?" I queried. "What exactly is it?"

As I walked away, he explained that we could go faster because the plane rusts and breaks down less when it's on the ground than when it's in the air.

This makes sense, considering that planes were made to fly and humans were intended to fulfill their most primal desires. Being unable to fly for the remainder of one's life is one of the most tragic losses a person can suffer.

If you're like the majority of people, you've had dreams of a robber breaking into your room and stealing your possessions at night. Additionally, you should notify the police if you encounter him and keep him away from minors. His reputation has been sullied.

He has left significantly more unfinished business than he began with as a result of his violence. His spread through your body is similar to being infected by a virus.

Each of us, I believe, has a higher calling or mission in this life... The path I've taken has enabled me to see and learn about numerous other paths, some of which I discovered by chance and have provided me with a great deal of comfort and insight into a wide variety of mysteries and secrets concerning this country, its foundations, and the true destiny of the nation, as well as the entire world. Since beginning this path, I've received a plethora of information and understanding that the majority of my peers and friends cannot comprehend.

Despite the fact that I've progressed in certain areas, I still feel trapped. I want to make a meaningful and lasting impact in this world—I want to bring peace, to eliminate the divides that are tearing its peoples apart, to facilitate healing and unification... but I'm at a loss for where to begin. That is my ultimate aim, and it is the one I aspire to most: to accomplish whatever it is I was sent on this earth to do and to assist others in any way I can while being a decent and honorable human person in the eyes of others.

Keep a dream journal and then create a map of your travels and experiences to help you discover who you are.

Additionally, keep in mind that your dreams are a representation of your vibrational state when you went to bed each night. While you sleep, you lose momentum. As a result, the dream's quality serves as a guide for paying attention to your dreams.

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We should pay attention with this , we must not allow that our dreams is only just a dream for tomorrow it is not good. We will strive for our dreams , to make it happen and make a decision right now. Whats your step to do or how will you do it in a way you can achieve your goal

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