Never will I again ( Love over Friendship )

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1 year ago

Hello everyone!

How are you here? I missed a day without writing an article since I am a bit of occupied to me paperwork and projects. I have my exam also yesterday so I went too busy on my reviews. I am so much problematic now in regards of my studies because December is coming but still I have works I needed to submit on my 1st year. Hoooo how am I supposed to finish them all... So these days I noticed that most of you are posting about Christmas, Family bonding, Earthquake, COVID-19, BCH, and so mamy topics that are interesting. I really love to read those. I am happy to know that some of you are now preparing for the Christmas, some got their success and achievements in life, some celebrated their monthsary and anniversary, some became a strong and independent person, and I'm happy I found those blogs. It's so nice to read and it is very true to life.

Seeing you happy makes me happy too. Seeing you success made me feel and wanted to be a successful one too, seeing you bonding wants !e to bond with you too, but seeing you hurting, hurts me too. I love all the people here so friendly and even we don't know each other a lot of you caring and is sincere. I can sense the good weather of being part in this platform. This platform did not just help us talking about money we earn but it also helps us met new friends and create a bond. So I am indeed thankful I joined here even if I am just a one month old here, I can say that I have learned a lot from you guys and I want to learn more.

So I'm so sorry if ever I didn't manage to visit you, I am in hurry because submission of all the projects is only until the last day of November.

So back to the topic.

Story time.

I called him so many times but all of calls are ended. He never replied, he didn't update me where he is. I mean this is not the first time, but this time I don't feel any good. I feel bad and my instincts are all negative.

The beat of my heart is fast and that both of my arms and feet are sweating.

Where are you Babe?

I texted him so many times. He never respond.




Babe where are you?

Aren't we supposed to celebrate our anniversary?

I'm here in the venue..

I'll wait for you.

Take your time just update me if your on your way here...


After 30 minutes, I received a message. Ohh I'm happy now finally! I open my messages but I was wrong it was not Nathan. It was Adrian.

Sharlyn? Where are you now?

He asked me. I didn't reply. I am after the message of my boyfriend not this guy.

Adrian likes me ever since we were in Highschool. We are bff's and that will never be change for me. I love him as my friend.

Babe? Are you still not available? Why can't you just reply me? I've been waiting here for 3 hours it's getting late.

I send it to him hoping that he will care for me. I am now at the Hostel Restaurant. I ordered a lot of food and one bottle of champagne. We have here crabs, shrimps, and any other seafoods many to mention so I will just make it short. He loves seafood and I used to love it too. He do basketball and so I do. It's like I want to be with him, and support him in a right way. I give him space and privacy I never asked one of his social media password, I have a trust on him and so I do love him.

Besh? It's getting late, I'm afraid tita would call me and ask why your still not home. A message from Adrian.

Besh if ever mom will call you, please say we are still making projects, okay? Please just this once. I texted him back.

Believe me, Nathaniel will never be there. So you better back here. I'm worried about you. He added

Thank you besh, I know that you care for me but tonight is our anniversary and we both planned this date. Don't worry besh okay?

It's already 10:00 in the evening. The waiter did ask me if my partner will come because they are about to close with in 30 minutes.

Babe? The restaurant is about to close, where are you??? Should I go there at your house? Maybe I should..

I then plan to go there I am about to take a step but I did sit back, my mind says he will come, and my negative part says he will not.

I did wait for another 30 minutes but still Nathaniel is not here. No reply and amswer to my calls.

I turned on my mobile data, and scroll my news feed.


A notification from my Facebook.

Yomarey is live. You can watch now!

Yomarey is my batch mate. She is famous in the University where I currently enrolled. So i clicked that notification and I would also like to know how is she doing.

Woooooooooooo! Let's get drunk!

I heard this from the live. It was Yomarey's friend, Aika. Pretty familiar too. I saw Yomarey on the pool, so this is what they called a pool party? She has her glass of wine and this familiar guy came to her and kissed her on her forehead to lips. Wait!

Is this Nathaniel? They are still kissing! I panicked and called him with my keypad phone. I am still watching while calling him. There! They stopped from kissing and he did answer my call, well i was hoping he will answer, but then I know it is not because he is busy but it's because he just don't want to answer me.

Yomarey even laugh. So she knows about this?

The waiter then come again to me and supposed to ask me but I stopped him from talking and take few steps, now I am hurt. Feels like the earth is so heavy to carry. I thought he was busy, i thought he is excited, but he is not. He is a cheater. I am near the exit when I realize I need a drink. I turn my steps to the table I was sitting for hour waiting for someone and I took the champagne, and straight here at my favorite place.

I am here now at the sea. Talking to the ocean, sipping at a bottle of champagne. I didn't realize I almost drink this one bottle.


I open my phone and I got this message from Adrian.

Besh? Have you watched Yomarey's live?

I don't have the courage to reply him all I did is cry.

Cring* Cring* Cring* Cring*

Now Adrian is calling. I know he's worried about me and I know that he knows I am hurt because of that video.

Helll....loooo... *Sobbing*

Besh? Where are you now? I will take you here, let's talk okay?

I answered him a cry, I cried like a baby. All I know is that I'm in this pain where i think I can't handle.

Okay! I know where you are. He then end the call.

Why? What's wrong with me? I'm a good girlfriend, I did everything, ask for his time, beg him to stay, I even think of ending my life those times he said he wanted a freedom. But then I asked him to stay and give a small percentage of love so I can still have the chance to charge those percent and put it back to the way it was before. He stayed and he said it's because he felt pity towards me. And I even said that time that It's okay, I will accept that all i meed is for him to stay with me. I can't imagine life without him, I can't see myself being alone. And so all I know is that I hardly needed him.

Hey! Adrian sit on my right side and take the bottle I am holding.

Do you think this will help? Do you think this will change everything? No! Drinking is not the amswer! You know if only you listen to me from the very beginning you will never end up like this. Look at you! Besh! Your not the man here, but your the one who's after his love and time. Your supposed to be loved and cared. A woman like you should be treated like a queen, not a toy! That if Nathan is bored he will come to you, but if not? Sharlyn come one! Wake up!!!! He is a play boy you know that from the very beginning, but you let yourself get fooled with those sh*t words!

Wake up wake up!

Your blind with that wrong person! He don't love you!

I'm so sorry besh *sobbing* I answered him crying, i just can't take the pain anymore. I like to shout and kill myself.. What did I do wrong?

Shhhhhhh! He then hug me and comfort me.

Please listen okay... Look at yourself Sharlyn, your no longer healthy, your in a toxic relationship, it could kill you. What about tito and tita? What about abby and ramboo? You have your family so don't turn your life with that Nathan!

What did i do wrong besh? Why? I did everything right?

Yes you did! And i think that is enough for you to stop. Okay?

No! I shouted and stand in front of Adrian. No! I love him and I want him even he is cheating, i want him. I am now going there I will ask him this time, I know he didn't mean it. I know!

Come on! Aren't you tired Sharlyn? Why are you like that? You never listen! Come on! Aika said it was just a dare ! Nathaniel is with Yomarey and they have their relationship! Aren't you aware? O thought you've watched the video?

I stopped from crying.. Huh? A dare? Yes I did but i never let the video finish. I answered him

*Playing a video*

HAHAHA Nathan your so good at fooling people. Haha you did the dare what a nice shot! Aika said.

That's why I love this boy. Yomarey added.

She's so dumb! Like what the hell would she thinks I'm inlove with her ugly face hahaha no way! Nathan responded.

*Video ended*

Okay! I hope now Sharlyn everything is clear to you! You know? I'm tired! You never listen nor give me time and understand me. I am here Sharlyn I will never treat you that way. We both know ourselves well. Tou know It hurts me more seeing you like this! How come you never realized my efforts for you? Please don't wait for the time that even me will left you.

Then go!!!!! I don't need you! Your so idiot Adrian! Your so selfish! How can you say this to me in this situation! Your not the one who's inlove here! Me! I am! And your not involve in my relationship so why don't please leave me just like you said! I don't need you! You idiot! I answered him in a angry voice.

My god Sharlyn, you were never like this before. You even chose to argue with me because of that sh*t! I am here to advise you and I am jere because I love you and that I cared a lot for you. But how can you do this to me. Adrian response in a very sad and emotional way.

Okay i hope your Happy with chosing that man over me. He added

Adrian dropped the bottle he is holding and run. I am right! He has no right to tell me this! This is my life!

I let Adrian goo.. lose my strength realizing that I am too much to my best friend. I know he just want to help, but I don't know, all i know is that I'm angry and broken. I mean I needed space I'm so sorry Adrian I know What I did was too much.

I am now sitting and continuously crying. I feel like i am this empty bottle, useless.


To be continued...

Owwww what do you think will happen to Sharlyn? Will she continue her love for Nathan?

Would the friendship end here? If you would be Sharlyn, what would you chose?

Keep in touch guys for the next part. I hope you guys like it!

That will be all for tonight.

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1 year ago


I'll be posting about my Christmas days this coming month too. But, please, no Earthquake. It's kinda scary.

Hmmmm. You're quite good in writing your stories. When will I make my next fiction story too. My second fiction story Hehe.

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1 year ago

You should gooo write now sis I'm excited to read that

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1 year ago

Nice story. You really know how to describe how you feel. The way you described love, hurt and sadness... Really really nice...

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1 year ago

Owww thank you with that friend.

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1 year ago

If I was sharlyn I choose to be strong and to let Nathan go. But before I've doing that I will sure that I will give Nathan best revenge that he would never forget on his entire life. Wahahahahah parang bruha lang.

I don't choose my bestie if I am sharlyn especially in that moment. Broken siya ano yung bestie niya rebound. Panget yun tsaka kapag friend friend lang. Hindi naman kasi agad agad na magkakaroon ka ng ibang feelings sa bestie mo bukod sa friend diba. May process yun. Relate much.😅😅

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1 year ago

Ayiehhhhh may pinagdaanan ka sis no? Hahhahhahha

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1 year ago

Drama oy. Daming time mag type ba

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1 year ago

Hahhahahhah oo para maka kwartas

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1 year ago

Ohhh i think Sharlyn is upper duper inlove with that she forget about herself and adrian. I want to read more waiting for next part. By the way im new here in this platforms..

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1 year ago

Ow thank you so much for stopping by. And welcome to the family enjoy you journey here

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1 year ago

Not sure about what the end will be. I maybe she was going to call Andrian back later

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1 year ago

Owww i think you got an idea friend. Lets see what will Sharlyn do

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1 year ago

I think she won't. But let not guess it too fast. Maybe there will be a twist or a sad ending.

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1 year ago

Hmmmmmmmm will see that luci, thank you for stopping by

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1 year ago

I think the friendship will continue. Shalyn is blinded by love and we all know what happens when people are going through that condition lol. Well Adrian is hurt but he'll take her back when she comes begging in no time.

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1 year ago

Owww seems like you got it right friend. Thank you for stopping by

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1 year ago