A thank you letter for you

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2 years ago

Dear You,

This year has taken a toll to all of us. With this ongoing pandemic and other natural disasters happening around the world, I'm blessed that you had been with me in this journey.

I was anxious and constantly exhausted in repeated daily routine and same problems. I sleep bothered by my thoughts and wake up tired and still bothered by my thoughts.

One thing I realized is that no matter how much I try to be positive and try to not think about my problems, I still think about it. I've met people telling me to not think too much but the thing is I can't help it. Which is why I cry in secret every time that I'm alone. I am alone of the times that's why I get to cry a lot.

Thank you to my readers, whether you are a silent reader or you just simply take the time to read and leave a comment afterwards. To be honest, it's what has kept me going through this tough times of life. I'm a nobody but the fact that you have read at least one of my articles mean a lot to me.

Thank you to those who leave likes in my articles. It's heartwarming whenever I see that someone has seen my article worthy of being liked.

Thank you to my subscribers who has seen me worth subscribing for. It started with one then escalated into twenty. Thank you for appreciating my articles. I don't know the reason why you have subscribed but it only shows that you have somehow felt and considered subscribing my account.

Thank you to those who has given me tip. Your tips has helped me a lot financially. Being unemployed with no savings, your tips has helped me to buy a few things and I was able to use it for my job requirements. I was also able to bless my family thanks to you.

Thank you read cash for allowing me to voice out my thoughts through my articles. You see, my articles has reached up to forty two articles in just a span of less than two months. That's how chaotic and unorganized my thoughts are. I like keeping everything to myself so whenever I write and someone reads it, I felt like I was able to convey my thoughts to others.

Thank you Bot for being a generous tipper to my articles. Thank you for always giving me an amount which I have already used for my expenses.

Thank you to the one who has told me about read cash. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to have an outlet to organize my ideas and express myself.

Thank you to my family who supports me in everything I do as long as it is not illegal and it doesn't harm me. They know that I write in read cash but they don't ask much about it. My family respects my privacy at all times.

Thank you to those people who has been the subject to some of my articles. Whatever experience I've had with you has allowed me to write better and share my insights in whatever situation I've been.

And most of all, thank you Lord for constantly sustaining me with strength, knowledge and wisdom in everything I do. Thank you for being the witness in every single struggle I've had.

To whoever reads this, thank you for staying alive and well both physically and mentally. 2020 is indeed a tough year but the God who loves us are always tougher than any circumstance we've had.

Thank you everyone for making me more inspired in writing and even with the fact that you don't know me, you're there for me. Your simple acts of reading, liking, subscribing, and commenting makes my heart filled with glee.

I send my prayers for you and your family. May you have a safe and blissful Christmas celebration. May you be happy and healthy at all times. Things might not have worked out so well the way we expect it this year but I pray and I declare that this year wouldn't end without you receiving what have you been praying for.

Thank you and God bless you.

Yours truly,


December 21, 2020


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Thank you for this article.Keep writing.

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Thank you so much 🥰

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