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MIR 4 Diary, Log 4: Burn that GOLD for new WB Turkan and Legend Spirit Sumacheon

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6 months ago

Hello everyone!

The game had been laggy the past few days before the update. There were a lot of problems I encountered like unsealing delays for treasure chests and relic boxes. Usually, players wouldn't take 3 seconds to fill the unsealing slots, but two days ago I had to wait and put each chest one after another with some brief intervals. The worst experience was using the travel scrolls as I experienced waiting for minutes instead of just viewing the usual 2-3 seconds animation of the page. Switching devices was also a pain because the android and mac devices wasn't able to read the update for a while. There's no problem in the PC version though but some of my friends who have alt or mining accounts via mobile was really frustrated as per the heated discussions in our discord group.

The end of the month patch note was huge. There was a new world boss, Violet Demon God Turkan. I'm not really keen on WBs but I do know that most if not all of them have fixed spawn areas and all servers have access to them. In case of Turkan it is scheduled to spawn every Thursday 23:00 p.m. server time but the catch is that it only spawns on random servers. The stage set for Turkan will obviously be larger and we'll see alot of expedition tickets being burned on Thursdays. Well, that would be another money burning dilemma for the competitive guilds.

Mir 4 is really admirable in creating this demand for people to expend but they probably need to up their game in the near future because lots of good competitors are starting to flood the market. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds by netMarble is the new emerging MMORPG that I've been keeping an eye on. I started playing 2 days ago and I can already say that it's quite amazing. You got some amazing character and environment designs which seems that are inspired by Studio Ghibli. I'm not sure though but alot of elements of the game reminds me of Ghibli movies. There's also this mesmerizing soundtrack that sings nostalgia every time I start the game. Anyways, I'll try to make a post once I'm done immersing myself for a few more days.

The Legendary Spirit Stone Summon tab is convenient tool for spenders. Spenders often use gold for a chance to get epic spirits so why wouldn't they spend the same gold for the legendary ones? Legendary Summons is a great divide between spenders and f2p because the common summon scrolls can't be used in this tab. It's either gold or the legendary summon scrolls. Although I spent some cash in the game I think that it's just fair for those who are spending a lot. Some F2P players might envy the big spenders because of their exclusive access to in-game resources and even those who earn from their streams but what they didn't realize is that alot of those guys are playing at a loss. The usual accounts previously valued at millions of pesos are now down to hundreds of thousands. The hype is dying down. Whether it's F2P or spenders, the ones who will remain in the end are those who enjoy playing the game for fun.

And speaking of exclusivity, the new legendary spirit North Sea Demon King Sumacheon can only be obtained through the new summoning tab. It's another reason for people to burn their gold. I tried my luck just one time but what I got was a common one, my 120 gold down the drain. Sumacheon is really OP especially that movement speed debuff. I think this spirit would be great for warriors because of the Stun and KD resist. Even with great mobility arbalist would find it hard to escape with that significant debuff in their MS. No doubt this one would be sought after by warriors in the top rankings.

And that's all for today. I will try writing about my Ni no Kuni adventures these following days. Thank you very much for reading.

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Written by   15
6 months ago
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