MIR 4 Diary, Log 3: Being Hunted by Multiple Clans // Should I jump to another server (again) !?

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9 months ago

Hello everyone!

I'm almost two months here in Asia 2 server 84. The slow progress from the previous server led me to spend my free Wayfarer's Ticket. The first month was relatively peaceful. The two factions fighting were almost even which created a healthy and competitive atmosphere for players. The faction I joined in was ahead by a tiny bit so there's little interruption to daily activities like grinding for experience or mining dark steel in the valleys. There was a point where all valley holders were in NAP or friendly relations with our clan so we mined to our hearts content during those times.

Most players in this server are Filipinos but we are basically split into two camps. The one allied with the Chinese and the one who opposed them. Based on the offense - defense votes held before the previous castle siege, players are more inclined to the Chinese and that is very understandable. There are different reasons but sometimes it becomes personal, and that is where toxicity often starts with. In my original server, my clan there were also allies with the Chinese. We were initially neutral but no matter how neutral we were back then the kings of the server and their minions often harassed us. There were a lot of negotiations but I became tired of always being subservient, always the one to please them so I decided to transfer servers.

Current Lords of Asia 2 - Server 841200 gold around Asia 2, 2400 around Asia and 3600 to cross continents!

When the leader clan of a server fell and most of it's members fled, the next target of the winning alliance would be the medium size clans that supported them. In my case I bet on two losing sides consecutively which was quite bad. I didn't take it seriously and just use guerilla tactics when dealing with them but the burden seems to be becoming harder these days. Players like who is just level 85 have no choice but to just go with the flow. Even if one wanted to join a safer clan it still depends on the mood of it's high ranking members. Of course, strong ones are often welcome even if they came from the previous enemy camp. Also, even if one joins a neutral clan if it's too weak then it'd a prey in the special areas like the Secret Peak or Magic Square.

Current Lords of Asia 2 - Server 84

In my case, our clan was disbanded just a few days ago because of the frequent common area pk's. We're up against at least 5 clans so it was expected. We managed to held on for so long but it was inevitable. All star players of the faction we support left the server after their failed defense in the previous castle siege. Now, it's us that are being hunted. Most of my level 90+ clanmates either fled to other servers or join the opposing camp. It's a tough choice but with the latter's decision they could grind alot easier and they don't have to spend a sh*t ton of gold for the transfer.

Sinner's Den Raid, best raid for quickie

The gold would costs at least 1200 gold which is around $30 if bought in the store. I could farm that amount in a month if lucky but that would halt my progress, particularly in codex and constitution.

Losing Members by the Day

I'm now in a different clan. Joining was strict because there's lot of spy things going around this server but they still let me join because of our previous alliance. We have one strong guy here an arbalist at level 110. Sadly, he alone can't fend off the attacks. We were full members 3 days ago, now we're down to 42/50. It's the same trend that happened to my other clan. I'm doing what I can to survive as long as possible but if this goes on I might as well jump servers for the second time.

Viperbeast Empress looks really powerful from this POV

Anyways, that's all for todays game ramblings.

See you soon. All the best!

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