MIR 4 Diary, Log 1: Sarmati's Mission Scroll [Normal Grade] Almost Done! (+ Gathering Tips)

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10 months ago
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Hello everyone!

I was lucky to win a normal grade Sarmati's Mission scroll from our clan event 3 weeks ago. Although there is a free version of this which is available for all players, there is a big gap in the rewards compared to the 2 paid versions. The normal grade which I won costs $10 and the advance grade costs around $30. Both are valid for a month's duration.

Aside from the generous rewards, the paid version also activates hunting exp and copper gain bonuses. For the normal grade it is 10% and an additional 15% for the advance. These bonuses stack with others which makes it a great deal for those people who have $10-$40 to spend every month. As for normal free-to-play player like me, even the cheaper one is already a luxury.

It is only the 22nd of May and I'm still required to complete 3 quests to claim the remaining rewards left. I am looking forward in obtaining the rare dragon eye which is listed as the 28th reward. I already claimed one earlier this month but I need the other one to upgrade my earrings to tier 2. Secondary weapons and earrings are harder to obtain than regular equipment. This is especially true if we're talking about the rare, epic and of course the legendary ones. It's tedious because it requires a player to hunt bosses. The bosses are not much of a problem though but the real pain is other players who wanted to snatch the reward chests. Sometimes there are those who just want to troll around.

There are still plenty of available missions available to complete my normal grade scroll but I think I'd stick around with {Complete Elite Missions}[50 times], {Cooperate with Clan Advancement}[500 times] and {Attempt to Enhance Constitution}[10 times]. I'd like to do some valley missions but all valley holders have conflict with our clan so that's a bad idea. They would incur no penalty in case they pk us in their valleys.

I'm almost done with the {Attempt to Enhance Constitution} mission and the {Cooperate with Clan Advancement} is almost effortless as one only need to donate few resources every now and then. For the elite missions one can do 30 dailies per day, so in two days we can also complete this without any difficulties. I wanted to overlap this to other quests that's the reason why I chose some tedious ones to make up for the rest. One mission I hate was to kill 75 field bosses. Boss monsters are not difficult to kill but the main problem lies with the respawn time.

Most people are not really fond of treasure chests but it's actually a good past time when you have nothing else to do. Like other elements of the game, each treasure chest that respawn on maps have different tiers: common (white), uncommon (green) and rare (blue). I've only seen red ones on special maps like the Secret Peak and Magic Square, as for gold ones I've only seen high floor bosses on both SP and MS drop them. Finding treasure chests on common maps is not that difficult as people are more focused on either gathering or just hunting monsters. Of course higher level maps drop more generous rewards compared to lower level ones. For rare ones there's a certain chance of obtaining summon scrolls which are like gatcha tickets for obtaining spirit stones, skill books and dragon parts needed to craft equipment.

As of the moment I'm half way done with this quest. I paused it sometime today because I needed to do other things like enhancing my constitution. It adds a few points in attributes for every enhancement. Although it's not that much it becomes relevant when it adds up. For enhancing constitution, inner force and chi we need three essential things and those copper, energy and medicine. There are different types of medicine but those primarily use in constitution gathered in bushes.

There are many gathering grounds available for me but I prefer hunting red or epic bushes instead of idling in these grounds. Of course, there are still a red bush which spawns here from time to time but it's a different story if the grounds is crowded. Red bushes have certain chances of dropping epic medicine so it was worth hunting some than idling many hours in the grounds where there are lots of green bushes available. Those drop trash materials which needed additional resources to upgrade to higher tiers so I don't really like them because it's more time consuming in my opinion.

And that is all for today. Thank you very much for reading.

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10 months ago
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