Hello read.cash! I'm LordKingPotato and this is my Introduction.

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1 year ago

After two weeks of using the platform I found that there's a community dedicated for introduction. Although I'm a bit late let me properly introduce myself.

Who Am I? How it all started?

Photo from Pixabay I used as logo for most of my online work. I like being incognito.

I'm a male in my late 20's living here in the Philippines. I quit my day job around 5 years ago and now mainly works as a freelancer/content creator. My blockchain journey started when I read a thread from a forum called BlackHatWorld more than 4 years ago. I met Steemit and that's where most of my knowledge and experience in crypto space started to accumulate.

Sadly, after Justin Sun bought Steemit Inc most of the opportunities are allocated to a selected few. Of course, there were exceptions but most of the community I'm comfortable with migrated to the Steem fork called Hive.

Honestly, the younger me was more of a content consumer than a content creator. I love to read and watch topics about science, gardening. travel etc. My hunger for consuming content led to me to being a curator for one of the oldest curation guilds on Steem (which later on migrated to Hive). I'm still doing curation works everyday there but sadly our guild's influence is becoming weaker by the day. I'm afraid that there will come a time that I can't curate anymore. Although I gain a decent sum curating content it's more of a passion for me than a source of income.

Practice, practice, practice. I'm not a good writer; my grammar sucks and my English is weak. I also got poor communication skills but I will try my very best to improve. Having more avenues to let me interact with different people would surely help.

I'm glad that I encountered read.cash. It's a fresh start for me. The type of content I make is inconsistent as I write almost about everything. I'm happy that there is another platform out there to where I can share my content with. Also, I noticed that there are many of my 'kababayans' here. Some of them found the freedom offered by the blockchain and I'm very proud about their success.

Here in the Philippines there's a stereo type where if someone does not work a 9-5 job he/she is lazy. How wish that I wish more platforms like read.cash would break this kind of stereotyping culture some freelancers and content creators are experiencing.

Jack of all Trades

Staying at Home I learnt Gardening

I accumulate random but useful set of skills through the years. Staying at home, I learnt about many things like: carpentry, gardening, cooking and mostly home maintenance. I do have so much free time because of the nature of my work. While working online I also develop some essential skills. I learnt how to edit videos and photos because of youtube. The channel would be a secret but I do have some 320k subs on one of my education channels. I planning to claim my silver play when I reached 500k :). One of the most important skills I learnt is the curation skill; cross referencing content on a variety of platforms and asking the validity from content creators might sound easy but is actually a very tedious job. There is too much plagiarism going on so we always need to be careful to the votes we give. But I must say that it's a fun job as I experienced interacting with many people of different nationalities. In a way, validating content helped some creators to maximize their earning potential or prevent their content to be stolen by a third party entity.

Aside from learning the markets most of my free is spent reading manga and watching movies.

Knowledge is power. I develop a habit of always checking the news in the morning after I wake up. Looking on the current markets is also an essential tool to make future profits. I'm not deep into technical analysis but I do have a vague idea of the trends. In my free time I often read manga/manhwa or watch movies.

Like I said earlier I wrote about almost everything. My blog would probably contain anime/manga reviews, gardening and pretty much about everything under sun. I want to be consistent in producing decent content. Consistency is very important. Hopefully, we'd see some improvements along the way.

Plans for the Future

Weight loss

I gained alot of weight during the pandemic. 21 days ago I was at 93.5 kg on the weighing scale, very far from normal weight which is just around 70-75 kg. Reality struck me hard when I found difficulties in breathing, numbness in my limbs and wriggly stretch marks appearing on my belly. I often experienced severe acid reflux 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning. It seemed to me that warning signs are appearing everywhere.

After experiencing those terrible events I started my weight loss journey. My daily routine now consist of 5km walk, 100 push ups and 50 squats. I also stopped drinking carbonated drinks and alcohol. I limit my calorie intake to 1500-1800 kcal everyday. Thankfully, after 21 days I'm now at 88 kg. Five kilograms in 20 days is not much but it's a good start.

Consistency on Content

Due to months of hiatus I lost the favor of the youtube algorithm. From earning $1,200-$2,000/month I'm now down at a measly $80-120/month. This is where I learnt that consistency is very important in content creation. I'm planning to be more consistent as much as possible not only in youtube but also in Read.cash and in Hive.

More aggressive on Crypto

Bulk of my money sits on the bank (~90%). In the next crash I'll try pulling out 25% and spread it to different coins. I have some success these past few years in trading with only a meager capital so I'll try going bigger this time. These might be risky but I'm willing to wait years to see profits from these investments.

One of my end goals would be to set up an apartment complex near a university. Ha! I'm still far from there but it's also one of the reasons why I keep on grinding daily.

Anyway, it's a bit long and I do not have enough time to edit it.

I'll see you next time. Goodluck to all of you :)

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1 year ago


Welcome to read.cash!

I'm not a new user, but I just came back, just now. I wasn't able to visit here for months and your introduction reminded me that I have yet to introduce myself, as well! Looking forward to your write-ups!

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1 year ago

Thanks for the welcome message. Last year October I went on a 8 week 6pack challenge as I were getting a bit pear shape myself 😉. I had amazing results, but I learned the lesson of being consistent in those weeks. Keep at it and you will succeed.

I'm a self taught crypto enthusiast from 2017 and do various things in the crypto space to build my crypto bags as well.

I wish you a great journey with read. Cash. 👍😁

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1 year ago

Welcome to the platform, I hope you have a nice journey in here as well :))

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1 year ago

Thank you! You're very kind :)

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1 year ago

Welcome hope there are more people to welcome you :))

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1 year ago